Dollars & Sense


Hi everyone! I’m excited to bring to you a brand new series to the blog called “Dollars & Sense”. I’m going to be sharing tips and ideas for helping you to save your family money. I’m not a money expert, but I do have 4 children who I homeschool and we’ve lived for more than 13 years now on one income. Over the years, I’ve learned a little about saving money and living a frugal (yet very happy!) lifestyle. I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of the things I’ve learned and I hope that you will in turn share with me any tips or ideas that you have learned, as I’m always eager to hear new ideas about saving money!


Tip #1: Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Tip #2: Inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Tip #3: Buying Generic vs Name Brand

Tip #4: Ways to save on your next family vacation

Tip #5: Paying Down Credit Card Debt

Tip #6: Easter Baskets don’t have to cost a fortune!

Tip #7: Mother’s Day…inexpensive ideas to celebrate mom

Tip #8: Ways to save money on buying clothes

Tip #9: How I save money on books

Tip #10: Halloween Costumes on a Budget