25 Days of Thanksgiving



Below you will find links to each of the 25 Days of Thanksgiving Series posts that I did in Fall 2016. My intent was to provide resources for you to further explore each of these topics related to Thanksgiving in your homeschool or non-homeschooled families who are looking for fun activities to do with kids. I hope these ideas are helpful to you!  (BTW, I just wanted to mention that I did not quite get to 25 days with this, as some things came up with our family. I plan to finish it next Thanksgiving!)


Day #1: Being Thankful

Day #2: Fun With Fall Leaves

Day #3: The Mayflower

Day #4: Thanksgiving Lapbooks & Unit Studies

Day #5: How Thanksgiving Became a National Holiday

Day #6: Pilgrims

Day #7: Cranberries

Day #8: Turkeys

Day #9: Scarecrows

Day #10: Plymouth

Day #11: Pumpkins

Day #12: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Day #13: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Day #14: Cornucopia

Day #15: Table Décor

Day #16: Candy Corn

Day #17: Native American Indians