Beyond, Volume 1


The following links will take you to posts about each of the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 books that I have rowed with my oldest, Popstar. They were all based on the above manual by Jane Claire Lambert. In these links you will see pictures of some activities that we have done, as well as go-along book suggestions and a few links to printables and activities that I hope may be helpful to you in your homeschooling.


The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner







Chapter 1  The Four Hungry Children

Chapter 2  Night Is Turned Into Day

Chapter 3  A New Home in the Woods

Chapter 4  Henry Has Two Surprises

Chapter 5  The Explorers Find Treasure

Chapter 6  A Queer Noise in the Night

Chapter 7  A Big Meal from Little Onions

Chapter 8  A Swimming Pool at Last

Chapter 9  Fun in the Cherry Orchard

Chapter 10  Henry and the Free for All

Chapter 11  The Doctor Takes a Hand

Chapter 12  James Henry and Henry James

Chapter 13  A New Home for the Boxcar

Final Week Projects


Homer Price by Robert McCloskey







Chapter 1  The Case of the Sensational Scent

Chapter 2 The Case of the Cosmic Comic

Chapter 3  The Doughnuts

Chapter 4  Mystery Yarn

Chapter 5  Nothing New Under the Sun (Hardly)

Chapter 6  Wheels of Progress


Thomas A. Edison, Young Inventor by Sue Guthridge







Chapter 1   An Idea That Didn’t Work

Chapter 2  Tom Visits the Shipyards

Chapter 3  A Birthday to Remember

Chapter 4  Off For A New Home

Chapter 5  Tom’s First Train Ride

Chapter 6   The House in the Grove

Chapter 7   First Day of School

Chapter 8  The Basement Laboratory

Chapter 9  Tom Tries An Experiment

Chapter 10 Tom’s First Telegraph

Chapter 11 A Job on A Train

Chapter 12 The Underground Railway

Chapter 13  The Laboratory on Wheels

Chapter 14  Tom’s Own Newspaper

Chapter 15  An Explosion

Chapter 16  Moving Pictures

Chapter 17  The Lights Golden Jubilee


Betsy Ross, Designer of our Flag by Ann Weil


Betsy Ross Designer of our Flag