Crockpot Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Hi everyone! I have an easy new recipe for you today, Crockpot Shepherd’s Pie. I found this recipe in a cookbook and have changed it over the years to how we like it. This is a great one to make for a busy day and just stick it in the crockpot and then it’s ready for you at dinner!

I usually make some mashed potatoes to go with it and honestly a lot of times those are just the boxed ones that you add hot water to! Those boxed mashed potatoes have saved me a lot of time over the years. I do try to make fresh whenever I can, but there are just those days when you don’t have the time. I love to serve this over mashed potatoes and sprinkled with cheese.


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S’mores on a Stick Recipe

This past weekend, we were so excited to get snow! Living in South Carolina, we don’t get much snow and so this was a huge deal! The kids were up and headed outside by 8am and by about 9am we had 4 snowmen in our front yard! After they came inside, Popstar decided it was time for a treat. So I figured a snow day was the perfect time to try a new recipe. She loves to cook and her grandmother had gotten her this cookbook for Christmas:


So I told her to look through her cookbook and find something that we had all the ingredients for to make. She came up with S’mores on a Stick. They turned out to be so delicious, I was just wishing that we’d had some hot chocolate to go with them!


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My Favorite Cookbooks

For as long as I can remember I have always loved looking at cookbooks. I have collected so many over the years. I remember my mom’s great big orange Betty Crocker cookbook. I spent hours looking at it. Then when I was about 16, I asked for a cookbook for Christmas and my mom got me the latest version of Betty Crocker. I loved that thing! I bet I drove my family nuts trying different recipes, but I have always loved to cook and trying new recipes always excites me!

Here is my current cookbook collection:

It seems like we almost don’t need cookbooks much anymore, since you can just type in what you’re looking for and have it at your finger tips in a minute. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but I feel like something is lost in that because when we’re looking though a cookbook, we may come across a recipe that we weren’t looking for and those can end up being a hidden treasure!   

So I thought I would share with you a list of my most favorite cookbooks of all time.

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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Hi everyone! I have a new recipe for you today: Chicken Pot Pie. I started making the recipe of this from my Bisquick Cookbook years ago. I must confess, Bisquick saved us our first few years of marriage. We had little money and I was still learning a lot about cooking, so we depended on Bisquick and frozen dinners a lot in those days!

Over the years I have changed the recipe here and there to fit our style and liking. We always have it with rice and it’s usually a big hit with (almost) everyone in the family.



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Easy Cheddar Biscuits Recipe

Hi everyone! I have an easy, delicious new recipe for you today: Cheddar Biscuits. They are sort of a copy cat of Red Lobster’s Cheddar Biscuits and oh SO good! I found this recipe in an old church cookbook and have used it so much over the years.

I actually started making it a little different than the original recipe. Whenever we got  Papa  John’s Pizza, we were just throwing away the garlic sauce packets that come with the pizza and so I started keeping them.

In the recipe, there is a mixture of butter and seasonings that you use to coat the biscuits so I started using this garlic sauce instead and it has been a huge hit with the entire family! I will give you both versions, so that you can do what works best for your family.



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Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Hi everyone! I have a new recipe for you today! I got out my Five in a Row Cookbook by Becky Jane Lambert for Thanksgiving and made our favorite version of Baked Macaroni & Cheese that is listed to go along with the Five in a Row book Storm in the Night. We made this back in July and the family decided that this was our favorite! For our family’s Thanksgiving dinner I actually quadrupled the recipe so that we would have plenty of leftover. It was a huge hit with everyone!



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