Dollars & Sense, Tip #10: Halloween Costumes on a Budget


It’s been awhile since my last Dollars & Sense post, so I figured it was about time! With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, I thought I would share with you how we save money on costumes. Halloween costumes really don’t have to cost a fortune. When I was growing up, we mostly made our costumes from items around the house. We hardly ever got to go out a buy a brand new costume! Dressing up for Halloween can totally be done without spending a ton of money. We already have to buy candy, so we shouldn’t have to stress over paying for costumes as well right?

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Encouragement for raising a “Strong-Willed Son”

I love my two boys very dearly and I’m so thankful that God gave them to me. But, there are days when they wear me very thin. Both of my boys are extremely strong-willed and over the years they have pushed me almost over the edge and definitely on my knees! I have read lots of parenting books and have often sought advice from other parents on issues that I have.

I came across this article from a blog that I follow called The article is called 8 Tips for Parenting a Strong-Willed Son. My ears perk up automatically when I hear Strong-Willed and Son together in a sentence! I read this article and it was such an encouragement to me that I wanted to pass it along and share it with you. I know there is someone else out there who is also raising some Strong-Willed Sons (or daughters!) and this may inspire and motivate you.

What I mostly gleaned from reading this was that it made me feel like I’m not alone, I’m not the only mom who has this daily battle with a strong-willed child. Also the 8 tips were very helpful to me and I felt like I could use this advice and try some of the practical ideas that she writes about.

Here is the link to the article:  8 Tips for Parenting a Strong-Willed Son by

I hope this article will encourage you as much as it did me. This is a wonderful blog and if you are homeschooling boys, I highly recommend you to sign up for her newsletter.



18 years ago this morning Jason and I were visiting my grandparents in Maryland for a Memorial Day vacation. We were woken up at 5am by my grandfather and after that, my life was forever changed. The events of that day have had the largest impact on my life than anything I’ve ever been through (aside from becoming a mother!).


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Dollars & Sense, Tip #7: Mother’s Day…Inexpensive ideas to celebrate Mom


Hi everyone! Since Mother’s Day is coming up soon, I thought I would share some ideas for celebrating our moms without spending a fortune. I love Mother’s Day and the whole idea of having a special day for mothers. They are such important people in our lives. If not for the love of our mothers, where would we be? I know I’m tremendously thankful for my own mother. She has been a constant rock in my life and as I’ve become an adult and had children of my own, I finally truly realize all that she has done for  me. I would not be where I am today without her love and care. I’m sure all of you feel the same way about your own mothers.

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Dollars & Sense, Tip #6: Easter Baskets don’t have to cost a fortune!


Growing up, we looked forward to Easter morning all year long. My mom always went all out for our baskets and it was so exciting to wake up and find them on the kitchen table over flowing with goodies! Now that I’m a mom, I LOVE filling Easter Baskets for my kids! It is so much fun and I love seeing their faces when they open all the surprises! As with Christmas, we always try to keep the main focus of the holiday on the true meaning, Jesus, but I love having this time that my kids look forward to each year the same as I did when I was young.

I know that Easter is getting pretty close and a lot of people already have their kids’ Easter Baskets ready, but I wanted to share with you how we pack our kids’ baskets. When you are filling up 4 Easter Baskets, it can really get expensive! But it doesn’t have to be.

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Time for a little change…

Hi everyone! Sometimes change is scary, but other times it’s exciting. Recently I have experienced a very small change, but still noteworthy.

My hair was getting so long and thick that I was getting very tired of it. So I decided it was time for a hair cut! Some of you who know me know that I typically grow my hair out for about two years and then have it cut to donate to Locks of Love.

In case you don’t know, this is a wonderful organization that takes hair donations from people and creates wigs for kids who have cancer and lose their hair.

I fell in love with this idea years ago and this will be my 5th time donating my hair to them. I love the idea that they can take something as simple as my hair and completely change a child’s life. I just think it’s an amazing thing to do for kids.

So here are a few pictures I thought I would share… (I had 10 inches cut off!)

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Dollars & Sense, Tip #3: Buying Generic vs. Name Brand


Dollars & Sense Tip #3 is all about how we can save money by buying generic instead of name brand items. For a long time, Jason and I always felt like we had to buy name brand when shopping. It seems like after we had kids and were living on one income, we realized that we were spending a lot more on food and other items than we really needed to.

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Dollars and Sense, Tip #2: Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


For my Dollars & Sense Tip #2, I thought I would focus on Valentine’s Day, since the holiday is coming up soon. Everyone associates this day with lots of flowers, candy, etc. and those things can be very expensive. Jason and I have never spent a lot of money on Valentine’s Day gifts, but we always enjoy celebrating in our own way.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank:

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