25 Days of Thanksgiving, Day #4: Thanksgiving Lapbooks & Unit Studies



If you love doing Unit Studies and making Lapbooks with your kids, Day #4 is for you! Thanksgiving Lapbooks & Unit Studies. There are tons of Thanksgiving Lapbooks & Unit Studies out there and you may be surprised at how many of them are actually free and easy to use!

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25 Days of Thanksgiving, Day #3: The Mayflower




Day #3 of the 25 Days of Thanksgiving Series is all about The Mayflower. This is such an important part of Thanksgiving and everyone knows that boats are so much fun!

To start with, one of our favorite books to learn about The Mayflower is this one:



If You Sailed On The Mayflower in 1620  by Ann McGovern 

My kids LOVE this book & never get tired of it!



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25 Days of Thanksgiving, Day #1: Being Thankful




Hi guys! Day #1 of the 25 Days of Thanksgiving is going to focus on Being Thankful.

There are so many ways we can teach our kids how to be thankful. One of my favorites is to create a “Thankful Tree.” I usually just take a piece of posterboard and draw the outline of a tree with no leaves. Then I cut out little leaves with different colored construction paper and have the kids write what/who they are thankful for on the leaves and we glue it onto the branches of the tree. You can make it as simple or fancy as you want. Here are a few links I found on Pinterest to give you some ideas:

Creatively Quirky at Home….The Thankful Tree

Sycamore Stirrings…Thinking of Thanksgiving

Crafts by Amanda…Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

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How to Make a Lapbook

Hi everyone! I’ve mentioned in several of my Before Five in a Row posts about making lapbooks with Princess, so I thought I would share with you how I make them. I’ve been making lapbooks for what seems like forever…almost 10 years actually! I started back when my oldest was 3 and doing Before Five in a Row. Our very first one was on The Carrot Seed with Popstar and Flash and was probably back in 2007. I LOVE making lapbooks and my kids LOVE getting them out time and time again to look through them. I have even caught Popstar using them to play teach with her toys, along with the FIAR book and manual. (Reason # a million why I LOVE Five in a Row!) Anyway…

Lapbooks can be a very valuable tool and resource for your homeschool and I think everyone should know how to make them. Not all kids love making them, though. My two oldest absolutely did and still do, but when Hulk came along he broke the mold! He has been so different from the others about a lot of things and lapbooks are one. He just never had the patience to sit and work on them and so I ended up not doing very many with him. But now that Princess has started Preschool and Before FIAR, she LOVES them and so my crafty heart is happy again!



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Fall Leaf Coffee Filter Art

This past Thursday morning we were having a rough time around our house. It seemed like everyone was grumpy and not getting along very well. Does that ever happen at your house? We were just getting ready to sit down and start school and I was tired of all the grumpiness so I decided to start our school day with a fun art project, instead of saving it for last. And boy did it make a big difference in all the attitudes! They had a blast and afterward, everyone was in a great mood and we got all our schoolwork done before noon! It’s amazing how a little relaxing art & creativity can change the atmosphere.

We made Fall Leaf Coffee Filters and it was so much fun! (By the way, that red spot on Hulk’s arm is paint!)




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