Arabella (FIAR)

I finally get to talk about a book that Popstar just got done rowing! She has been asking me forever when I’m getting to one of her books. She is finishing up 6th grade right now and she is coming to the end of the Volume 4 FIAR books and just finished Arabella. Her books have taken longer because there are more lessons to go with them as they are geared for older kids. This book had alot of fun things to learn about and we really enjoyed working on it.




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YEAH Learning Fair/End of School Year Celebration

This year, our Homeschool support group which is called Y.E.A.H. (York Educators At Home) held and end of the school year celebration and Learning Fair. The kids were able to display projects they had worked on. We had 4 projects from our family.

Popstar had two projects, both from FIAR books from Volume 4. One was from The Raft and the other was from Arabella. For The Raft, she made a River Diorama and even included a little boy on a raft in the river. And for Arabella, she made a salt map island complete with a ship in the background. I think I had more fun with these than she did!




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What is “Five in a Row”?

I’m going to be writing a lot of posts about our homeschooling, in particular our core curriculum called “Five in a Row”. I wanted to take a minute to explain what Five in a Row is, how it works and how we use it as our core for anyone who has never heard of it.

I first found FIAR when I was first getting started on Preschool with Hailey and a friend showed me her Before Five in a Row manual. I fell in love with it and was hooked instantly. This curriculum instills in children a passion for books and reading, which I feel is one of if not THE most important thing about school. I started with B4FIAR when my oldest (Hailey) was 3 years old and Braden was 1 and would sit along with us. Continue reading