Five in a Row Volume 4 Chapter Book Go-Along List

Hi everyone! I want to share with you a list that I have come up with for go-along chapter books to use with Five in a Row Volume 4. I have seen a really good list on this website for all of the volumes and I have used it a lot and I highly recommend you check it out: School of Good Books Blog.

My list is a little bit different from that one. I use the reading curriculum from Heart of Dakota called Drawn Into The Heart of Reading. I love this program so much! The way this program is laid out is that there are 9 different genres of books and there is a student workbook to go along with it. There are wonderful activities to go along with each different genre and I love the way the program allows you to explore each different type of book.

I used this program the other year with my oldest while we were rowing half of Five in a Row Volume 4. With Volume 4 books I like to take our time and space out each book for a month. This allowed me to do one book per month and it worked out so well with the reading program that there were 9 different genres and half of Volume 4 was 9 books. So I spent a lot of time researching and finding just the right chapter books to go along with each FIAR book that we were doing, but also one for each of the different genres. I’m going to be doing the other half of the books in Volume 4 soon and so I went ahead and planned out the rest of them with go along chapter books that would once again fit the FIAR books.

So what I have is a list of wonderful go-along chapter books that not only go along with FIAR Volume 4, but also cover 2 books of each of the different genres of books to go along with Drawn Into The Heart of Reading. I really hope this will make sense after you read the list! If not and you have questions, please feel free to contact me!

Some people may think I’m a little crazy…but I love books and love my Five in a Row so much, that I actually had a blast doing this! I just couldn’t keep it to myself, I thought it may be helpful to someone out there so I figured I’d share it!

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