Our Baby Girl’s 5th Birthday!!

Princess celebrated her 5th birthday in the middle of May! It is so hard to believe my youngest is 5! I’m so used to having a little one around and that is not the case so much anymore. I am having a little trouble adjusting to all of this!!

We did have a great time celebrating our baby girl’s 5th birthday!!


3 Months Old                                                    5  Years Old

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5 Great Chapter Books with Go-Along Movies

For our summer break, we have chosen 5 chapter books that have really good movies made of them. We’re going to read a little of the book each day and then when we finish the book, we’ll have a family movie night and watch the movie with some popcorn or other special treat.

The kids are very excited and we’ve already started on our first book. Here are the books/movies we chose:

  1. Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater

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June Monthly Dinner Menu Plan


It’s hard to believe it’s summer already! Last night I worked on our dinner menu plan for the month of June and I thought I’d share it with you. I talked a little about menu planning in my Dollars & Sense post on Saving Money at the Grocery Store if you want to check it out HERE. You can also check out my post about How I Do Menu Planning HERE.

So here is my dinner menu plan for our family for the month of June:

Keep in mind we’re very flexible and our plans change a lot! Also, you will see that I do plan for leftovers as well as on days when I know we’re going to be busy (like weekends) I do plan for frozen dinner type of meals. I know that some people prefer to have everything fresh, but this works best for our family right now and planning ahead at least helps us not to spend more on fast food! Also please note that I have linked any recipes that I’m using that are on the blog so all you have to do is click on them and you can see my recipe.

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18 years ago this morning Jason and I were visiting my grandparents in Maryland for a Memorial Day vacation. We were woken up at 5am by my grandfather and after that, my life was forever changed. The events of that day have had the largest impact on my life than anything I’ve ever been through (aside from becoming a mother!).


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Summer Bucket List

I’ve been planning our summer out and thinking about what all we’re going to be doing. Making a Summer Bucket List is such a fun way to keep the kids busy over summer break from school and it’s a lot of fun for the whole family as well!

We’ve made seasonal bucket lists a lot over the years. You can check out my Fall Bucket List HERE.

Here is the Summer Bucket List I have come up with for our family:

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How we’re keeping busy this Summer

This summer we’re actually taking two whole months off of school for the first time ever. We always have taken just June off and started back around the second week of July, so usually about 6 weeks. Last summer was the first time that I felt like it wasn’t enough time for any of us. So we’ve decided this year that we’re going to take all of June and July off and start back on August 1st. The kids and I are so excited! I guess that as the kids have gotten older and I will now be schooling 4 kids from Kindergarten and up, the load has increased and the time off is more needed. At least for our family, I realize that all families are different and you do what works best for your own family, which is one thing I love about homeschooling!

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about and planning for our summer vacation for literally months and now it’s almost here! We seriously only have 2 more (classroom) school days left and we’re done!

Here are some of the things we’ll be doing to keep us busy this summer:

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Another Great Soccer Season with Hulk!

This was Hulk’s second Spring of doing Soccer through our local city program. He had a blast and we all had a great time cheering him on! I think he scored 2 goals in all of the games and his team won about half of their games. So overall, it was a great season! He enjoyed his teammates a lot and the parents of the kids were very encouraging and helpful to the team. I have been very pleased with this program, especially since it’s the least expensive one around here.

I thought I’d share a few pictures with you from the season:


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Popstar’s Spring Homeschool Choir Concert

This is Popstar’s second year being a part of our local homeschool choir called Voices of Carolina. Their Spring semester just ended and I thought I’d share with you a few pictures from their concert. She loves being in the choir so much and this year they had their first competition at Carowinds. They were rated as Superior, which is the highest score given! They are broken up into 3 different groups: Elementary (3rd to 5th Grades), Middle School and High School. Popstar is in the Middle School Choir right now.

This is the Middle School Choir with their Director, who is awesome!

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Our Family Has Grown!!!

The other weekend we added to our family…we adopted 2 kittens! This has been a whole new experience for us, our first time having cats and it’s been a long time since we’ve had any kind of a pet. It has definitely been a time of adjustment for our family, but we are enjoying the kittens very much. We went to a place that rescues pregnant mama cats from being put down at shelters.

We picked out two girl kittens who are sisters and named them Lucy and Ethel. The kids are so in love with these guys! Here are a few pictures from our first days at home with the new kittens. (By the way, the white one is Lucy and the gray striped one is Ethel)


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A quick visit at Fort Frederick near Frederick, MD

A few weekends ago when we traveled to Pennsylvania to bring my father-in-law down to stay with us, we heard from Jason’s cousin about a really neat Fort in Frederick, Maryland. It was a very short trip and we didn’t have a lot of extra time, but we needed to stop for the kids to stretch their legs and this happened to be along the way so we couldn’t resist! Jason and I love anything to do with history and so this was really awesome, we both said we could’ve stayed all day but we only had about an hour to spare. I thought I would share a few pictures with you…


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