Valentine’s Day fun with Princess (Preschool)

For the week of Valentine’s Day, I decided to take it easy with Princess and just have fun doing a few preschool Valentine’s Day activities. We read lots of books and did some fun crafts and learning activities. She really enjoyed all the things that we did and it was a lot of fun for me also. A few times, the older kids even joined in!



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Gingerbread Houses in January? Sure, why not?!

We typically do our Gingerbread Houses in December as a fun Christmas activity. But this year somehow, we didn’t get around to them. We had bought the kit already, so the other week when we were having a rough day and no one felt much like doing bookwork for school, I pulled the kit out. My how that simple thing turned our whole day around!


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Five in a Row Christmas Ornaments Exchange

We’ve been participating in the Five in a Row Christmas Ornaments Exchange for over 5 years now and it’s always so exciting for the kids! We sign up on the Forums at . There is usually someone who volunteers to coordinate the exchange and they will have a sign up form in late summer. We always do both Domestic and International lists, which makes it a lot of fun because your ornaments go all over the world and you receive ones as well! It’s so fun to look at the return address and see what state they are from!

We’ve kept all of our ornaments and we have a small Christmas Tree that we set up in our school room to put them all on. Here is our tree this year:



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25 Days of Thanksgiving, Day #16: Candy Corn



I decided to include Candy Corn as Day #16 in the 25 Days of Thanksgiving Series. I know that Candy Corn is usually associated with Halloween, but it is such a fun fall treat that I thought it would be a good one to have with this series. There are so many fun crafts and snacks that go with candy corn, although there really aren’t any children’s books that focus just on candy corn.

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