Columbus Day Activities

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I decided to take a day off from our regular Homeschool “book work” on Columbus Day this year (Oct. 9th, a few weeks ago). I used a few resources and put together a small one day unit study for all 4 of the kids. It turned out great and the kids were excited to have a change of pace.

I thought I would share with you what all we did. I started with looking in my Five in a Row Holiday book and my Early Childhood Almanac for ideas. I love both of these books, they have wonderful ideas for holidays all through the year. I also looked on Pinterest a little bit and found a few things to do there.


We started with our Bible verse of the week, which I chose on purpose: “Seek and you will find.” Matthew 7:7. Our Word of the Day was explorer and our Poem of the Day was one about Christopher Columbus.



Next, we read A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus. After that we worked on a few projects from this History Pockets, Explorers of North America.



From the History Pockets book, we labeled a map of his voyages around the world.




From the History Pockets we also made a book mark with facts about Christopher Columbus.


I found some neat worksheets on and they had a lot of fun with them, especially the older ones.


We looked up Christopher Columbus in our Timeline Notebook, we had added him to this book several years ago.


For fun, we made some cupcakes with blue icing for water and little sailboats on top made out of tootsie rolls. The little flags were easy to stick on with a toothpick.





While the kids ate their cupcakes, they watched this video from the library about Christopher Columbus.


The last thing we did was to look at some books about ships.


So that finished up our short, one day fun day with Christopher Columbus studies. It was a lot of fun, but mostly it was a very nice break from our regular school work. Sometimes you just need a day like that!



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