Gramma’s Walk (FIAR)

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Back at the end of August, I finished up our second Five in a Row book with Flash, Hulk and Princess. The book was Gramma’s Walk by Anna Grossnickle Hines. We had a lot of fun with this book. Most of our focus was on the beach, ocean, lighthouses, etc. and that is always fun! We spent two weeks in August on this book.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Five in a Row Volume 2 Manual as well as activities added by me and inspired by other homeschool moms.)

Gramma’s Walk is a beautiful story about a child and his grandmother. His grandmother is in a wheelchair and so instead of going for real walks, they go for pretend walks. On this particular one they pretend they are walking along the seashore. They use their imagination to make it feel like they are really there.

We began by reading our book and going over the Social Studies lesson on the Setting. The story does not say where it takes place and so we chose to place our story disk on the shore in the state that we live in, South Carolina.




Other Social Studies lessons we covered were Caring About Others. We talked about how the book shows that the boy and his grandmother respect, love and care for each other. Another one was Handicapped people. We talked about what that means and about how businesses have designed buildings to be handicap accessible with special parking spaces and in some places ramps and other things. We looked at the International Handicap symbol and read a few books about people with Handicaps. These two books were great.


One afternoon we went for a ride around town to see how many handicap spaces different places have in their parking lots. We made a list and then used a website to create a graph. We looked at which stores had the most and which had the least. We figured out that K-mart had the most and Daddy’s work had the least!



For our chapter book go-along, I chose The Lighthouse Family, The Storm  by Cynthia Rylant. This is the first book in a wonderful series by an amazing author that we love. Popstar read this series several years back and loved it. The boys especially enjoyed it. Princess hasn’t done too well sitting through reading this one! We read about one to two chapters a day.


For Language Arts, we listed all the Compound Words in the book and talked about what a Compound Word is.

For Art, we looked at details in the illustrations that correspond with the text. We also looked at how this book has a “Double Story” in the illustrations. The pages show on one side, the little boy and his grandmother and on the other side what they were imagining at the seashore. For Art we also looked at the colors used in the story, particularly where the illustrator blended different pastel colors and how they painted the water.

For Bible and Christian Character, we talked about what the Bible says about elderly people and how we should respect and honor them. We also looked at different stories in the Bible about people who were lame or had disabilities.

For Science, we learned about our Senses and how the boy and grandmother must have been to the beach before in order to know what it is like and be able to describe it using different senses. We talked about what we would see, hear, smell, taste and feel at the beach and how we use our senses everyday.

We learned about Lighthouses: what they are and what they are used for and why they are so important. We looked at some books about Lighthouses in the US. They were especially excited to see the Lighthouses that we’ve been to in South Carolina in the books we looked at!



The last Science lesson we did was about Beaches and Shells. This is such a fun topic that you could spend literally weeks exploring. We looked at lots of books about them.





I intended to do a lot more with our shell collection, fish and other fun things but our A/C unit quit working and we ended up being without cool air for over a week. August in South Carolina, with no A/C is not much fun. For our last day, we ended up going to our local Museum to the Naturalist Center where the kids can look through hundreds of items from nature. We looked for shells, ocean animals and whatever else we could find. It was a lot of fun! (and a great way to escape the heat!)








So that wrapped up our two weeks with Gramma’s Walk. This was a great study, we all enjoyed it a lot! They moved on to their next FIAR book, Who Owns The Sun? after that. I hope to post on that one in the near future! Thanks for reading!

Many blessings,


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