Dollars & Sense, Tip #10: Halloween Costumes on a Budget

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It’s been awhile since my last Dollars & Sense post, so I figured it was about time! With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, I thought I would share with you how we save money on costumes. Halloween costumes really don’t have to cost a fortune. When I was growing up, we mostly made our costumes from items around the house. We hardly ever got to go out a buy a brand new costume! Dressing up for Halloween can totally be done without spending a ton of money. We already have to buy candy, so we shouldn’t have to stress over paying for costumes as well right?

Here are some ways that your family can save money on Halloween costumes:

  1. Hand-me-downs. If you are going to buy a costume brand new, make sure you save it for your younger kids if possible.
  2. You can also make sure to buy it too big so your kids can wear it longer. Popstar once had a Cinderella costume that was huge when she got it and she ended up wearing it for 4 Halloweens!
  3. Shop at Thrift stores, Consignment sales and even Yard Sales. I know the Upscale Weesale fall sale (here in Rock Hill SC) always has Halloween Costumes. I bought Popstar a Ladybug costume at one for $2 and it has lasted for several years and she has loved it!
  4. Consider doing a “Costume Swap” with some friends who have kids that are similar ages/sizes as yours. This can benefit both families.
  5. Shop the after Halloween clearance racks at stores like Walmart for marked down costumes. You can buy larger and put them up and save them for the next year.
  6. Let your kids wear costumes that they already have for playing dress up. Last year, Princess was a ballerina and she wore a tutu that was Popstar’s from when she did ballet when she was younger.
  7. Check out Dollar Tree, they don’t have complete costumes, but they usually have accessories that you can use with other items you have at home. We’ve found items from there to make costumes for a Knight, Fairy, Police Officer, Princess and more.
  8. Check out Pinterest for TONS of ideas on how to make your own costume.
  9. Look around your house for things you can use to make costumes. You will be surprised what you may come up with if you use your imagination and get creative!
  10. Ask family members to give your kids costumes for birthdays. Kids love dressing up anyway, so they will be thrilled!


I hope that I have given you some good frugal ideas on how you can put together Halloween costumes for your kids for less money! It can be such a fun time if you don’t have to worry about paying a fortune for it!

I would love to hear your ideas on Halloween costumes! Please feel free to comment below.

Happy Fall!!



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