Book Review: A Full House of Growing Pains by Barbara Cameron

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I recently finished reading a great book that I wanted to share with you. It’s called A Full House of Growing Pains by Barbara Cameron.


This was such a fun book to read. I have to admit, I have always enjoyed reading biographies and autobiographies. I have read the autobiographies of Kirk Cameron and his sister Candace Cameron Bure in the last few years so it was really neat to read their mom’s book and see things from her perspective.

This book is very well written, easy to read and very enjoyable. She talks a lot about how they got started in Hollywood and what the day to day life was like for their family. She also doesn’t paint it as a wonderful and glamourous life, she is real and honest about the trials and hard times they went through along the way.

She does focus a lot on the kids acting careers, but I enjoyed reading about how she felt and handled everything. She allowed the reader to see that she was a real person and that she worked hard to raise her kids the right way in a world that is known for destroying kids lives a lot of times.

I enjoyed how she told funny stories about things that happened in their family, including jokes they would play and fun times they would have.

I also liked the way she talked about what happened when she realized that she needed a personal relationship with God and needed Jesus and then how much different her life was when that change took place for her and her husband. I was very inspired and encouraged by reading about all the work she has done in Africa and for the organizations that make dying kids wishes come true and helping those children and their families to have amazing memories of their last years.

A lot of times, especially in celebrity biographies there are a lot of foul language, drugs and all that goes along with that typical lifestyle. But in this book it was nice to read about a family that managed to make it through raising child stars to be successful and not be consumed by all the bad things that money and fame can bring. It was very refreshing to read a book that encouraged family values and morals, and a family that puts those things ahead of money and a lot of the other negative things you hear about Hollywood.

I have always admired Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bure for standing up for moral values in a tough environment and it was very interesting to read from their mom’s point of view how they came to be such amazing individuals.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who grew up watching their sitcoms on tv.

I would love to hear what books you have been reading lately, please feel free to comment!

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