Bedtime for Frances…fun activities with my Kindergartner

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For this school year, 2017-2018, I am going to be doing The Frances Study Guide by Valerie Bendt with Princess. This will be her Kindergarten year of school and I thought it would be fun for both of us. This study guide covers the 6 books in the series about the little badger named Frances: Bedtime for Frances, A Baby Sister For Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances, A Birthday for Frances, Best Friends for Frances and A Bargain for Frances. These books are wonderful and the study guide is laid out somewhat like Five in a Row/Unit Study approach.

I have scheduled to cover one of these books with Princess each month and we will be doing them only about 2 days a week, about 1-2 activities each day. The activities are so neat and I think Princess will have a great time and it can be her one-on-one time with Mommy.

Our first book was Bedtime for Frances. We worked on this book during the month of August and Princess loved it.


In Bedtime for Frances, she is having a hard time going to sleep at bedtime. She keeps getting up and her mommy and daddy keep trying to get her back to bed. She gets scared a few times about things she sees in the dark and noises she hears. She eventually realizes that she needs to obey her parents and stays in bed and falls asleep.

Here are some of the activities that we enjoyed:

  • We read the book and went through some comprehension questions. There were a ton of them in the manual and so I didn’t do all of them with her.
  • There are a few puzzles you can color and cut out that go along with the story. We had fun with those as well as the ABC song that Frances sang in the book.
  • I found a free Unit Study and Lapbook on this book at I only used one part of it for an activity. I printed out these sequence cards and we put them in order that they happened in the story one day as we read.



  • One day we went over the lesson in the manual about Badgers, since that is what Frances is. I also got a very simple book from the library to learn more about that animal.


  • In one part of the story, Frances sees the wind blowing her curtains in the window. So we talked about wind and what it is. We looked at what the Bible says about wind and read a poem about wind. These were both lessons in the manual.
  • Included in the manual were some Sentence Sequence Strips. So we cut those out and put them in the order they happened in the book.

  • Towards the end of the book, Frances hears a moth hitting against her window. So we looked at some books about moths and butterflies. We talked about how they are alike and different.





And that finished up our month with Bedtime for Frances. She has been doing the next book, A Baby Sister For Frances during September and so we’re coming to the end of that one.  I will hopefully be posting about that one soon.

Thanks for reading!



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