Betsy Ross Designer of our Flag (BYFIAR)

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I got so behind with posting about each chapter that Popstar does for her Beyond Five in a Row and realized that it was too much for me to keep up with. So, from now on I have decided to just write one post at the end of each book and to post about all of the highlights of what we did with each book. We typically spend anywhere from 1 to 4 days on each chapter and have finished one book every 2 to 3 months of the school year.

Her last Beyond book from this last school year was Betsy Ross, Designer of our Flag. She started this book at the end of March this past school year. She finished it up by the end of May, when we were done with our school year.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 Manual as well as activities added by me and inspired by other homeschool blogs.)

In the manual for each chapter are lessons that cover History, Geography, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Fine Arts, Career Paths, Human Relationships, Reading Comprehension, Science and we used the Beyond Five in a Row Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement as well. The lessons stem from what the chapter in the book talked about and could vary depending on anything mentioned in the chapter and what you would want to expand on and learn more about. We also used the Five in a Row Cookbook some for cooking lessons.

This book, as you can probably guess, focused on the life of Betsy Ross who lived during the Colonial and Revolutionary War time periods. The History and Geography lessons focused on those time periods.

One of the History/Geography lessons we covered was about Sourdough bread, so we had to have some to eat that day! We were not able to make our own, but I did manage to buy a loaf for us to try! Popstar decided she does not like Sourdough bread!



Betsy came from a Quaker family and so we learned about the history of those people and their church. We learned all about Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia PA. I used the Five in a Row Notebook Builder and had her fill out a Person Study report about him.



Since Betsy was involved in the making of our country’s first flag, we learned a lot about Flags. We used this book I had to learn about our flag and all the State Flags. And for one Fine Arts lesson, she designed her own flag.





We learned about the kind of money they used back then and then I got out our coin collection and we looked at how money looks different from other countries as well as money that isn’t used as much anymore, like the 2 dollar bill and fifty cent pieces.





Some other History and Geography lessons we learned about were on Apprenticeship, Revolutionary War, Tories & Patriots, George Washington and other famous early Americans.

In one of the early chapters, Betsy was having some peppermint stick candy, so for fun we had some while we worked on our lessons. I got these at our local Cracker Barrel. It’s always fun to add in those little things whenever you can!




Some of the Science lessons we focused on were the Winter and Summer Solstice, keeping our body healthy and Heat. For Heat, we talked about how hot air rises. We were able to do an experiment with this one. We checked the temperature in the lowest part of our house, which was our crawl space and it was 68°F. Then we checked in the main level of our house and it was 77°F. And last we checked the temperature in the highest part of our house, the attic and it was 86°F. So we were able to see that it was coolest in the lowest area and hottest in the highest area.


Another Science lesson was on Stars. Betsy talks about wanting the stars on her flag to “twinkle”. We used these books about stars and I had Popstar fill out this neat paper from the Five in a Row Notebook Builder, 5 Things I Learned About…




Also for Fine Arts, we used the book to cut out a “perfect” star from paper. (We ended up using You Tube as well to help us along!)

Some of the Language Arts lessons we covered were on Personification, New Vocabulary words, Literary Appreciation (book go-along recommendations), and Famous Sayings.

For Fine Arts, we did an activity on Sensory Awareness. I blindfolded the kids and had them try different foods to see if they could tell what they were using their senses.


Also for Fine Arts, we tried sewing a Sampler. I actually had her try a simple cross-stitch pattern. This was new for her, she had never tried cross stitch before. Cross stitch is a lot like sewing a sampler. I found a simple heart pattern and let her try. She did ok with it, but needed some time to get used to it!




Some of the Issues of Human Relationships lessons we covered were about parental decisions, learning how to respond to judgements, Finishing what you start, “First Time” experiences, caring for others feelings, kindness, chores, what “seize the day” means, learning to ask, believing in the people you love and dealing with self-doubt. These were all great topics and we had a lot of good discussions on them.

The one Career Path lesson was about being a Pharmacist.

Some of the lessons using the Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement included talking about feeling misunderstood, bread (Jesus was the Bread of Life), being watchful for Christ’s return, husbands and wives (God’s plan), Proverbs (sayings by wise King Solomon), we’re all unique and God knows our weaknesses & strengths and Jesus is with us in the storms of life.

So that was about it for our time with Betsy Ross. This study was very rich with History and Geography lessons and I enjoyed it very much! Finishing this book completed all of Beyond Volume 1 for Popstar. She will be moving onto Volume 2 next school year so I am very busy this summer preparing for that! Next year I will only post once at the end of each book, rather than each chapter. I have found this is a lot less overwhelming for me!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our studies. I have said before that I love Five in a Row and this was my first year using Beyond, well I wasn’t disappointed at all! I still LOVE FIAR, only more now! Beyond is awesome and I can’t wait to continue with it next year!

Many blessings,



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