Ask Mr. Bear (B4FIAR)

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Ask Mr. Bear was the very last Before Five in a Row book that I did with Princess! We finished this one back in May. (Don’t you just love that beautiful smile?! I just can’t get enough of it!)


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row Manual as well as activities added by me and inspired by other homeschool moms.)

Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack is a sweet story about a little boy who is searching for a birthday gift for his mother. He asks a bunch of animals if they have anything he can give his mother and he and all the animals go on an adventure to find the perfect gift!

I chose to do this Before book in May because Princess has her birthday in the middle of May. She fell in love with this book and we had so much fun with it. We did not make a lapbook or anything, we just had fun reading the book and doing most of the lessons in the manual. There is a wonderful (free!) lapbook on homeschool share and you can find it HERE.

I did use one of the printables from this lapbook for a fun activity. We used these and made puppets to go along with as we read the story. She loved that!



Some of the lessons we talked about were:

Problem solving and thinking places. The little boy has a problem to solve: what to get his mother for her birthday? In the beginning of the story he is sitting on the front step thinking. So we talked about how we solve problems and if we have a special place we go to think about things.

We talked a lot about Birthdays. What they are, why we celebrate them, what things she enjoys doing for her birthday and everything that goes along with birthdays. I actually picked out a lot of go-along books that had to do with birthdays.

For the Music lesson we talked about the song from Alice in Wonderland, “Happy Un-Birthday to you”. She has seen the movie before, but it had been awhile so I pulled it up on You Tube and we watched just that part. (What would we do without You Tube? I sometimes think we are incredibly spoiled!)

For the Drama lesson, we acted out all of the actions that the little boy and the animals did in the story. Each time he asked an animal, they did a different thing like skip, run, gallop, etc. We also included the noise each animal makes.

We used the puppets I had made every time we read the book, she insisted! She had fun laying each one out as we went through the story.

For the Memory lesson, we tried to see if we could remember the order the animals were in the book as well as what gift each animal offered to him.

For Language, we talked about the saying “Bear Hug” because that is was the bear ends up telling him to give his mother for her birthday. So we gave lots of bear hugs to each other!

For the Science lesson, we talked about how the little boy goes into the forest and what all lives there and what forest are like.

The last lesson we worked on was colors for Art. The book is mostly in pastel colors and we talked about what those colors are and then (as suggested in the manual) got out our copy of Goodnight Moon to compare how different the colors in that book are. The manual also suggested to get out a large box of crayons and look for the pastel colors in the book. We did that as well as finding the bright colors in Goodnight Moon.





One day we also spent some time looking at books about Farm Animals, since those are what all of the animals in the book were. Here are all of the go-along books we used:




And that finished up my very last Before Five in a Row book with Princess! Next school year she is starting Kindergarten and will be following along with her brothers on books mixed from FIAR Volumes 1-3.

Many blessings,








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