Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor, Chapter 12 (BYFIAR)

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Back in March, Popstar spent 2 school days on Chapter 12 of her Beyond Five in a Row book, Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 Manual as well as activities by me and inspired by other homeschool moms.)

Chapter 12 is called “The Underground Railway” and in this chapter Tom is working at his job with the Railroad. He watches people around him a lot and notices that there are many African-Americans eating in a back room. He knows about the Underground Railroad from hearing stories and reading the news and guesses that these people may be runaway slaves.

We spent 2 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. After that, we went over the History/Geography Lessons on Canada. We read over the lessons in the manual and then I had her use our Atlases to fill out a Country Report that I printed from the Five in a Row Notebook Builder. (I LOVE the Notebook Builder, by the way and you can find out more about it HERE!)




Day Two: Popstar read over the Bible lesson, which was about slavery. Then we did the History/Geography lesson on The Underground Railroad. I did not expand on this subject with her for the main reason that she is very sensitive about slavery and it upsets her so we just read the lesson and left it at that. She has heard over the years about slavery, the Civil War and the Underground Railroad and so I don’t feel like she is missing out on anything. I believe it’s better not to force her to read things that will upset her. She will learn about it when she is ready and the time is right for her.

Next, we moved onto the History/Geography Lesson on President Buchanan. We read over the lesson in the manual and then I had her use some of our books about the Presidents and fill out a Person Study from the Notebook Builder that I mentioned earlier.



The last lesson we covered was the Human Relations lesson on organizing your personal study.

That finished Chapter 12 for us! Chapter 13 will be coming soon!









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