Caps For Sale (B4FIAR)

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Back in April, I did Caps For Sale with Princess for one of her last Before Five in a Row books. I have always loved this book and it was a lot of fun.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row Manual as well as activities added by me and inspired by other homeschool moms.)


Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina is a really fun story about a peddler who is selling caps. He wears them stacked on top of his head. One day, he sits down under a tree to rest and some monkeys up in the tree take his hats. He has a comical battle with the monkeys to get his caps back from them.

I had a lot of things that I had planned to do with this book, but to be honest, Princess was just ready for summer break. She had gotten to the point that she didn’t want to do much for school. So, what we mostly did was just read the book and did as many of the lessons from the Before Five in a Row Manual that we could. has a wonderful (free!) lapbook and you can find it HERE. I really wanted to do the lapbook with her, but like I said before it just didn’t work out. I did use a few pages of the Caps for Sale (free again!) printables at and you can find those HERE.

We did the activity with the caps and practiced stacking them.


We did a lot of counting practice throughout the book and for Language we learned a few new words: bunch and cap.

We talked about the old saying, “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” I explained to her what that means and how the monkeys in the story were doing that to the peddler.

We used our Barrel of Monkeys and played with them a little bit.


I had found a pack of fake mustaches at the store and got them out for what I thought would be fun. I say that I thought it would be fun, because for some reason these upset Princess. I think she was embarrassed to wear one. So the rest of the gang had fun wearing them. I did try to explain to Princess that the peddler in the story had a “Handlebar” mustache and what that was.





For Art, we looked at some things in the book. We looked at how the peddler is facing the town in the beginning of the book and at the end he is facing away and it says the words “The End” on the last page.

We also looked to see if the man stacked his hats in the same order every time…yes he did!

Last, for Art we looked at the trees and how the one with the monkeys in it did not have any leaves on it but the other trees in the background did have leaves.

The last lesson we covered was about the man’s character. We talked about how he reacted when he realized his hats were stolen. He was very angry and yelled at the monkeys. So we talked about how we can handle ourselves when we are faced with frustration and anger, rather than yelling.

One day we read books about monkeys. These were some great ones that we both enjoyed.



Here are some of the other books we enjoyed:




So that was about all we did with Caps For Sale. She moved onto her very last Before book after this, Ask Mr. Bear. I’ll hopefully be posting on that one soon.

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