Popstar’s 13th Birthday Slumber Party

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Back at the end of February we celebrated Popstar’s 13th Birthday. For her special day, she wanted to have her first Slumber Party. I thought I would share with you all of the fun activities that she and her friends did. I had a blast planning her party with her. We found some neat crafts, games and activities for them to do.

For the first activity, she had them each answer a few questions about themselves on a piece of paper. They did not put their name on it and she had them fold it up and put it in a hat. Then they took turns pulling out the papers and tried to figure out whose each one was. It was fun and a neat way for them to learn new things about each other.

For one of the crafts, I got them each a wooden cutout of the first letter of their first name. I got these at Walmart in the craft section. They covered them with Washi Tape and then we covered them with Mod Podge to seal them. They turned out really neat.



Next, we made frozen pizzas for dinner and then they decorated their own cupcakes for dessert.





After that, Popstar had fun opening all her gifts. She received a lot of nice things from her friends!



When she finished opening her gifts, they moved onto the next craft. We made homemade lip gloss using Kool-Aid, Coconut Oil and a little bit of sugar. It was pretty easy to make and turned out really good. I found lots of help on Pinterest and  You Tube with how to make it. We made 5 different flavors and I bought these little plastic containers from Amazon to put them in. The girls had so  much fun with this!




After they finished with the lip gloss, they played one last game. It was sort of like Spin the Bottle with nail polish. They set out different colors of polish and took turns spinning an empty bottle and whatever color it landed on, they had to paint one finger with that color and they kept going until all their fingers were painted all different colors. It was pretty neat. I’ve seen this game done lots of different ways.



After the nail polish game, the girls got settled in their beds for movies and snacks. They watched The Princess Diaries and Enchanted.



The next morning they had fun squishing the air out of the air mattresses!


Honestly, for the most part they were very well behaved. I have to say surviving my first slumber party as a parent was actually not that bad. I sort of enjoyed it!

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