Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor, Chapter 6 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 6 of her Beyond Five in a Row book awhile back (Now that we’re on summer break, I’m playing catch up!).


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 Manual as well as activities & ideas added by me and inspired by other moms.)


Chapter 6 is called “The House in the Grove” and in this chapter, the Edison family moves into their new home in Port Huron. They work on getting settled in their new home and come up with a  name for their new house, “The House in the Grove”. One evening the family sits and listens to Tom’s father read from a newspaper about current events, including stories about President Fillmore. Tom is very interested in the stories his father reads.

We spent two school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and then answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. These have been really good for her reading comprehension as well as thinking about issues in the chapter.

After that, we went over the History/Geography Lesson on President Fillmore. I had Popstar use a few of our resource books on the Presidents and fill out a Person Study sheet about him from the Five in a Row Notebook Builder.




We finished up Day One with the Human Relations lesson on Being Neighborly. We talked about how when the Edisons moved into their new house, their neighbors went out of their way to help them. Then we thought of ideas of how we can help others in the same way.


Day Two: Popstar read over the Bible lesson which was all about how to treat our neighbors. After that we did the Science lesson on Tree Identification. We used this Tree & Plant Guide and went outside to figure out what kinds of trees are in our yard and made a list of them. We found: Long Leaf Pine, American Sycamore, Oak, Maple and Ginkgo.



The last thing we did for Chapter 6 was the Language Lesson on Names for Houses. Since the Edisons chose a name for their house, I pulled out postcards that I’ve collected over the years of famous homes we’ve visited, like Monticello, Mount Vernon and The Biltmore.



That finished up Chapter 6 for us, be sure to check back soon to see what all we did for Chapter 7!









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