Babar: To Duet or not to Duet (FIAR)

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Back in April, I spent several weeks rowing the book Babar: To Duet or Not To Duet from Five in a Row Volume 2 with the boys.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Five in a Row Volume 2 Manual as well as activities and ideas added by me and inspired by other moms.)

Babar: To Duet Or Not to Duet by Elaine Waisglass is a book in the famous series about Babar the Elephant. In this story, he is telling his son a story about how when he was little he wanted to perform on the piano with a famous musician. He did not know how to play the piano, but somehow he let everyone believe that he could. His friend, The Old Lady, helped him and it all worked out in the end but he learned a lot of lessons along the way.

To start with, we read the story and went over the Social Studies Geography lesson on Setting. The book takes place in a made up land called Celesteville and so we picked our own place to put our story disk. The boys chose South America, specifically Brazil. Flash chose this for 3 reasons: No other FIAR stories take place in South America and Celesteville is in a Rain Forest and since there are Rain Forests in Brazil, and we’d just watched the Rio Olympics he figured that was the best place!




Other Social Studies lessons we covered were about Relationships: Listening to Advice, Telling the Truth and Respect.

Using the Five in a Row Bible Study and Christian Character Supplement, we talked about what the Bible says about lying and deceiving and how that can destroy our relationships.

For Language, we went over the lesson on Title-Play on Words and how the author chose a creative title for this book. I also explained to them what “Duet” means.

For Art, we mostly covered the Music lessons. We went over the Music Vocabulary words and learned about what an Orchestra is.

We had a lot of fun one day when we visited a local Music shop called Woody’s Music. The owner was very friendly and talked to the kids about the different instruments and they even got to try out a few!







We looked at lots of awesome books about the Orchestra and Music Instruments. We also looked up an Orchestra playing on YouTube and watched for awhile. They thought it was so cool.



For Math, we learned about the Days of the Week. We sang some songs that I used to sing with the kids a lot to learn the names of the days of the week. They had fun with that. We also looked at a calendar.


For Science, we focused on Elephants. We looked at some great books about Elephants and learned all about them.



Then one day we visited our local museum, The Museum of York County which has a large elephant replica so we had to take a picture with it!



We ended our study with using the Five in a Row Cookbook and we made the recipe for Peanut Butter Bars. They turned out delicious!








We also enjoyed as many Babar books as we could get in!



This book was such a great study for us! The boys moved onto their next (and last for the school year!) Five in a Row book after that, They Were Strong and Good. Check back soon to see what all we did with that one!

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