How we’re keeping busy this Summer

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This summer we’re actually taking two whole months off of school for the first time ever. We always have taken just June off and started back around the second week of July, so usually about 6 weeks. Last summer was the first time that I felt like it wasn’t enough time for any of us. So we’ve decided this year that we’re going to take all of June and July off and start back on August 1st. The kids and I are so excited! I guess that as the kids have gotten older and I will now be schooling 4 kids from Kindergarten and up, the load has increased and the time off is more needed. At least for our family, I realize that all families are different and you do what works best for your own family, which is one thing I love about homeschooling!

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about and planning for our summer vacation for literally months and now it’s almost here! We seriously only have 2 more (classroom) school days left and we’re done!

Here are some of the things we’ll be doing to keep us busy this summer:

  1. Our local library has the BEST summer reading program ever! We love it so much and have been participating ever since the kids were toddlers. They have a wonderful reading record where the kids can keep track of how much time they spend reading and get rewards when they meet their goal. Not only that, but every week they have awesome shows for the kids to go see. Some of them are magic shows, puppet shows, skits, live animal shows, music, juggling and more! They have programs from infants all the way up and it’s all free.
  2. There is a group of local museums that we have a membership to here called Culture & Heritage Museums. This membership includes free admission to the Museum of York County, The Rock Hill Children’s Museum and Historic Brattonsville. The Museum of York County does a special program during the summer one day a week where they have a theme for that day and have hands on activities for the kids to participate in. Some of the themes this summer are Turning Trees Inside Out, Investigating Invertebrates, Wetland Wonders and Live Raptor Encounter. We will attend as many of these programs as we can through the summer as well as visiting the Children’s Museum. Popstar and Flash don’t care for the Children’s Museum much anymore, since it’s geared more for younger kids, but I will try to take them as often as we can. We typically don’t do much at Brattonsville during the summer because it’s mostly outside and the heat is pretty rough around here.
  3. Regal Cinemas has a program called the Summer Movie Express. They have movies playing every week that only cost $1 per person, so we will try and go to at least a few of these. It makes for a very inexpensive way to get out of the house and we don’t go to the movies very often, so the kids really look forward to it.
  4. We’ll be attending Vacation Bible School at a local church. Our home church only does night time VBS and there is a church close to home that does a morning one, so we’ve been going to that church for the last 5 summers. They have a wonderful program and we all love it!
  5. There is a fantastic Fire Station Children’s Museum here that was created using an old fire station. The kids have so much fun there and beg for me to take them. Once again, it’s designed more for the younger ones, but I will try to take them as often as we can. This place is free and it’s indoors so it gives them a chance to play and stay out of the heat. We love it there. They also have picnic tables so you can bring a picnic lunch and it’s also just across the street from Fountain Park. They have built an amazing fountain that has a huge field beside it that the kids love.
  6. The boys will be doing a week long football summer day camp through Victory Sports Outreach in Fort Mill. This is a great program and they are both excited about getting to learn and play more football this summer. It will give them something to do and I’m thinking the girls and I will try to do some “girly” activities while they are gone!
  7. We’ll also be trying to plan get togethers with friends and visit parks on days that aren’t so hot as well!
  8. Now that my mom is partially retired from working, I’m hoping to spend a little extra time with her also.
  9. I’m hoping to find some good books that have movies made of them to do as “read-alouds” that we can read the book, then watch the movie when we finish it. We’ll see how that goes…
  10. Most of all, I just hope to enjoy this time with my children. I realize how truly blessed I am that God has given me these four wonderful kids and I really want us to have an amazing summer and make lots of cool memories. I get so focused on getting school done, that sometimes I feel like I don’t spend enough “fun time” with them. I’m hoping to take this extra time with them and just have fun. I made us a Summer Bucket List also, so I’m excited about that. I’ll be posting it on here soon!

So that’s about all we have planned for this summer. I’d love to hear what you are planning for your summer! Please feel free to comment!









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