Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor, Chapter 5 (BYFIAR)

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A while back Popstar finished Chapter 5 of her Beyond Five in a Row book, Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 Manual as well as activities added by me.)

Chapter 5 is called “Tom’s First Train Ride” and in this chapter Tom goes on his first train ride. He ends up getting to ride with the engineer for awhile and learns all about how a steam engine works.

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

Day One:  Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions for the chapter in her notebook. After that, we went over the History/Geography lesson on People’s Signature Trademarks. Tom had a habit of pulling on his eyebrow and we talked about how different people have those different things that they do.

After that we did the Science lesson on Speed and talked about how fast trains go compared to how fast airplanes go now. The last thing we did on day one was the Language lesson on Famous Sayings. We talked about a few different sayings and where they came from.

Day Two:  Popstar read over the Bible lesson in the Beyond Five in a Row Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement. The bible lesson for this chapter was about having boldness and confidence.

After the bible lesson, we went over the Human Relations lesson on A First Time for Everything. We talked about how Tom had his first train ride and made a list of all the things she hopes to do in the future in her notebook.



The last thing we did on day 2 was the Science lesson on Pollution. We read over the lesson in the manual and then looked up online to see if we could find pollution control projects going on around where we live. We read about a few different ones in Charlotte, NC which we live just south of.


Day Three:  For the last day we worked on the History/Geography lesson on American Rail History. We read over the lesson in the manual and then I had her look through this book we have about the history of the railroad. I found this book at a library book sale and it has been a great resource.



After that, I had her draw a picture of a train using some oil pastels.



That finished up our time with Chapter 5. Moving onto Chapter 6 next!










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