I Am An Artist (B4FIAR)

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In March, I rowed the Before Five in a Row book, I Am An Artist with Princess. This is a great book to do almost any time of year, but I enjoy doing it in the Spring because of all the new life in nature.


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row manual as well as activities added by me and ideas from other homeschool moms that I’ve come across.)

I Am An Artist by Pat Lowery Collins is a unique book about seeing the world through the eyes of an artist.

Here are the books we used to go along with I Am An Artist:






For Bible, we talked about how God is the original artist, the Creator of the world.

For Science, we learned about a lot of different animals. In the book, there are lots of animals so I got out some books about them. We looked at books about fish, birds and caterpillars to name a few. One of my favorite books (pictured above) is Who Lives Here? My oldest, Popstar, has literally spent hours on this book she loves it so much! It goes through all the different habitats and shows what animals live there. This one is always fun.

For Science we also talked about our Senses and how we can explore the world using all of our senses. For this subject, I like the book My Five Senses (pictured above). We also got out some shells and feathers that I had collected and talked about how they feel different.

We also see some animal tracks in the book, so I got out one of our books about tracking animals (pictured above) and we looked at what different animals’ tracks look like.

One day we had fun with our family’s collection of seashells. I got them out and we looked at them and then she chose a few to paint. This is always a favorite activity!





We looked at some books about artists and then we spent some time doing watercolors on another day.




That finished up our time with I Am An Artist. Princess is moving onto her next Before Five in a Row book soon, The Little Rabbit. Be sure to check back soon to see what all we did with that one!

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