Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor, Chapter 2 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 2 in her Beyond Five in a Row book, Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor.

(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1 manual.)

Chapter 2 is called “Tom Visits the Shipyards” and in this chapter, Tom visits his friend at a barge who is working with nails and a hammer. Tom starts thinking about how the sound of him hitting the hammer is delayed and so they talk about the speed of light and sound. After awhile, Tom finds out that his family is moving away. Tom is very excited about this and his birthday is coming up!

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

Day One:  Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. After that, we added some more cities to our map of Edison’s life and then went over the History/Geography lesson on Parlors. We learned about what Parlors were and what they were used for.

Day Two: She read over the Bible lesson for this chapter, she typically does that independently. After she finished the Bible lesson, we worked on a Language lesson about travel. We made a list of all the different ways of travel we could think of.

Next, we went over the Human Relations lesson on listening to people who are younger. We talked about how even young children have something to say and they shouldn’t be ignored.

The last thing we did on Day Two was the Science lesson on Pitch. In the story, Tom watches his friend spread pitch on the barge he was working on. We learned what Pitch is for and then set up the experiment that was described in the manual. We found some pieces of wood and covered one with paint, one with wood varnish and left one plain. We set them outside to watch and see how each one does out in the weather. It will be neat to see them in a few weeks and find out which one fares the best.



Day Three: We went over the Science lesson on the speed of light and sound and then finished up with the Language lesson on Autobiography Writing. We talked about the difference between Biographies and Autobiographies and then I helped her write a page about the day she was born. It was really fun to reminisce about that day!


So that finished up Chapter 2. There really were a lot of fun activities for this chapter. We are enjoying Beyond Five in a Row so much! Moving onto Chapter 3 next!




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  1. Here is a link to an audio drama about young Thomas Edison produced by Your Story Hour that Popstar might enjoy:

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