The Quiet Way Home (B4FIAR)

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I recently finished rowing a new Before Five in a Row book with Princess called The Quiet Way Home. This is such a sweet book and I really enjoyed this one with her!

(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row manual along with activities added by me.)


We ended up spending three weeks on this book, just because of different things coming up and life just being so busy! I typically don’t do the Before FIAR activities with Princess every day, but we do get in at least 3 days each week.

The Quiet Way Home was written by Bonnie Becker and illustrated by Benrei Huang. It is a sweet story about a grandfather picking up his granddaughter from school and walking her home. They talk about taking the quieter paths to home and listening to different sounds.

Just a side note, I was very fortunate that I bought this book years ago before the price shot up so high. I think it’s out of print right now and very expensive on Amazon. Even so, back then when I did buy it I paid more than what I normally like to spend on a book, but I can honestly say that this book is worth it! My older kids loved it when I did it with them and now so does Princess!

We started with reading the book and the first day we went over the lesson on Relationships. We talked about all the different kinds of relationships there can be and talked about our close family & friends that she has relationships with.

One day, I got out another Before Five in a Row book that we had already done called Play With Me. I got out this book because the ideas in the story line up so well with this one. In Play With Me, the little girl has to learn to be quiet before all the animals will come play with her. So it tied in really well!


One day, we read the book and talked about the Science lesson on the Human Body. We talked about our ears and how we use them to hear things. Then we practiced listening for what sounds we could hear. She had a lot of fun with this one!

The Colors activity was pretty neat. In the front of the book, there are three cars sitting together. One is red, blue and yellow. So we talked about these being the Primary colors. I got out paints and we mixed these colors to make other colors and then did a painting. She had a blast, she loves art as most preschoolers do.




These were a few books that went along great with this lesson about colors:


One day we went over the Details lesson. This was a lot of fun. We took turns telling each other items in the pictures to look for, the manual calls this the “See if you can find it” game. She loves doing this.

We also went over the Health lesson and talked about the different actions in the story. We had fun acting them all out. This seems to have been a favorite activity for all of my kids, especially at the younger ages, but even now my 11 year old still loves doing it!

Here are a few extra books we got from the library to go along with it. I just looked for books that had “Quiet”  or “Walk” in the title. A few were also suggestions on the FIAR forums. She enjoyed all of these books.



So that finished up our time with The Quiet Way Home. This was just a very fun, low pressure, laid back book that I truly enjoyed! Princess is moving onto her next Before Five in a Row book, I Am An Artist!




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2 thoughts on “The Quiet Way Home (B4FIAR)

  1. I always enjoy reading books with your kids. A love of reading books is a wonderful thing to instill in them while they are young.
    1. I do also, that is the thing I love about Five in a Row. It instills a love of books in them from a young age.

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