Football Frenzy Unit Study

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Around the time of the Superbowl, I did the Amanda Bennett Football Frenzy Unit Study with the boys.

These studies are designed to be completed in 5 days, but we took our time and actually spent 3 weeks on it. The boys loved this SO much! They are insanely football crazy and this was perfect for them, especially with the Superbowl happening around the same time!

In the study, we learned about what football is, where and how it began, famous people & places, how it relates to science and all about the equipment they use.



I also decided to read with them this book along with doing the study:


What Is the Super Bowl?  by Dina Anastasio

We read a few pages each day throughout the study and Flash especially loved this book. He devours anything football related.




Here are some of the other books we used during the study:





There were lots of fun activities throughout the study. Flash’s favorite was looking up facts about 6 different teams each day. Since we spaced the study out, we did this every few days instead. This was called “Teams of the day”.



He also loved the activity when we filled out on a US map each team’s hometown.



One day we went outside and tried out some of the techniques that we learned in the study. They loved that!



Also throughout the study, we worked on a lapbook.





This was a great unit study and the boys really loved it. I will definitely be using more of Amanda Bennett Unit Studies in the future!

The boys moved onto their next Five in a Row book after this called Another Celebrated Dancing Bear, which I will be posting about soon!




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