The Red Carpet (B4FIAR)

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A few weeks ago I rowed The Red Carpet with Princess for school. I normally spend two weeks on each of our Before Five in a Row books, but this one doesn’t have very many activities so one week was plenty. I love this book and she really enjoyed it too!


(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row Manual and activities added by me.)

The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin is a neat story about a small town and a runaway carpet! The carpet starts out at the hotel and rolls out all over town until it ends up at the dock where a special visitor (the Duke) is coming in on the ferry boat. This is such a fun book!

I always love to try and act out the story as much as possible, my kids always love that. So we got out some ribbon, I got as close to red as I could, and the boys’ play rug. I told them to get out some toy cars and we tried our best to act out the story using this ribbon. It sort of had a mind of it’s own (which was actually kind of neat because that’s how it was in the story!) and ended up all over the place, but it was a lot of fun!



In the story, they welcomed the Duke with a big parade and the red carpet. So we talked about how the bible talks about showing hospitality and how we can practice that in our own lives.

One day we looked at all of the pictures and looked at how people were reacting to the carpet. We tried acting out how they were acting.

Another time we went through the pictures and I called out things for her to look for in the pictures. She loved this and then decided it was her turn to have me point to items, so we took turns. That was a lot of fun.

We talked about how sometimes very important people like the Duke receive special treatment. We tried naming different people who this would include, like the President, Queens, etc.

For a new word, we learned what a telegram is. There is a picture of one in the drawings that tells about the Duke visiting. I explained to her what a telegram is and how that these days people don’t use them like they used to. I told her it was a little like texting back in the “old days”!

We read a few good books that went along with the story:



Another thing we talked about was jobs that people do. We went through the book and pointed out all the different occupations we could find and looked at the book about jobs. The Berenstein Bears book “On the Job” was really neat to go along with that.

Popstar had a lot of fun helping her put together her lapbook. (free from





That completed our week with The Red Carpet! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more of our fun with Five in a Row!




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