Owl Babies/All About Owls Study (Preschool)

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I just finished up a really fun 3-week long study with Princess on the book Owl Babies and we also explored all about owls. If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love owls and so this was so much fun for me!



Owl Babies was written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson. It is such a sweet story about 3 little owlets who are left at home by their mama who goes out to find them some food. They worry themselves that their mama might not come back to them and wonder about what all the sounds of the forest they are hearing are. In the end, their mama of course comes back home to them.

I think the thing we did that Princess loved the most was what we did on Day 1: we read the story and used some stuffed owls to be the characters. It was so much fun and she asked to do it over and over again all through the time we spent on it. It worked out so great that I happened to have the right number of stuffed animal owls and even a puppet one to be the mama as well as a tiny little one to be the youngest owlet, Bill. Princess loved playing Bill, who repeatedly said “I want my mommy!”.




I found this awesome (free!) printable 5 Little Owls puppet set on Child Care Land.  I printed this out and we had a lot of fun playing with it.



One day we read a few books about real owls to learn all about them. After reading the books, we made this really simple owl craft using an empty toilet paper tube. All we did was fold one end down and glue it shut. I let her color it and glue a few feathers onto it. This was so easy to do and she loved it! These were all great books, by the way.






The next day, we learned that owls are “Nocturnal” and what that means. We looked at some books about night animals and did this little cut and paste worksheet about which animals are awake at night or day. You can find the worksheet HERE.




I found a neat set of owl coloring pages at 1+1+1=1 website. I printed this out and stapled it together for her to color. Usually with Princess coloring is a hit or miss thing, and this time she wasn’t super interested in coloring. But I kept the packet in case she wanted to pick it up and finish some other time.








All throughout the study, we worked on the lapbook from http://Homeschoolshare.com.




We used a lot of other great books for our study as well:




We also spent some time watching videos of real owls on YouTube and found a few websites where you can listen to the sounds different owls make. I don’t have the links, but you can google it and find them very easily.

One day, we went to our local museum, The Museum of York County which we have a membership to. We go there very often and had ended up going with some friends. It worked out so great that Princess was able to see some of their owls there as well as some owl artwork in their new exhibit on birds!







The last thing we did to finish out our fun 3 weeks on owls, was to do an Owl Babies craft. We used dark construction paper and drew a branch then I drew with a white crayon the outline of the 3 owlets and let her glue on some cotton. We added buttons for eyes and little beaks. She went a little crazy with the cotton and buttons, but she had so much fun that I couldn’t stop her!




So that finished up our fun 3-week study on Owl Babies and Owls in general. I had planned a lot of activities that we didn’t get to and there were so many other things we could’ve done, but I just tried to remember to focus on  having fun and learning. This did cover 3 weeks of school days, but we didn’t necessarily work on it every single day and sometimes it was just a few minutes here and there. I just keep the camera handy and we work when she’s excited about it and wanting to do her school. With preschool, that’s about how it goes and it’s ok to be flexible! This is my last year with a Preschooler and I’m trying to enjoy it while I can!






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  1. Looks like so much fun! My aunt sent us Owl Babies when Kaili was little and it was her favorite book for a long time. It's such a cute book. Glad you guys enjoyed this study. Her crafts are great...Love seeing that smile!

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