Dollars and Sense, Tip #2: Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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For my Dollars & Sense Tip #2, I thought I would focus on Valentine’s Day, since the holiday is coming up soon. Everyone associates this day with lots of flowers, candy, etc. and those things can be very expensive. Jason and I have never spent a lot of money on Valentine’s Day gifts, but we always enjoy celebrating in our own way.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank:

  1. Making homemade valentine’s is not only a good way to save, but it’s also so much fun! You can do this without spending a fortune very easily. They can be anything as simple as cutting out a heart and adding stickers for younger kids or making them a little more flashy for older ones. Adults can even make homemade valentines, if you are a crafty person!Here are a few ideas for making homemade valentine’s: 

              21 Totally Adorable Homemade Valentine’s to Make with Kids (

              25 Most Creative Valentine’s On Pinterest (

(PS. If you shop the week after Valentine’s Day, you can stock up on super cheap valentine’s to save for the next year! Last year we found some at Walmart for around 10¢ a box!)

2.  Bake a cake or some special dessert. I like to make roll out sugar cookies using heart shaped cookie cutters. This is a lot of fun for kids, mine always love to do cut out cookies and decorate them with icing and sprinkles. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts as well! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

              DIY Heart Cake  (

              Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies  (

              Edible Valentine’s Gifts (

3. If you and hubby want to go out for Valentine’s Day but don’t want to spend a lot of money, try eating dinner at home and just going out for dessert. You may even be able to find coupons for some restaurants. Or if you can’t go out at all, have a special dessert alone after the kids are in bed!

4.  For some reason, roses are always the flower of Valentine’s Day but because of that they are always so expensive. Try some other flower that you know she loves. They may not be as expensive as roses are right now!

5.  There is always the option of making a special meal and having a candlelight supper at home, if you don’t want to go out to dinner and spend a lot of money. Jason and I never did enjoy going out on a “date” for Valentine’s Day, because places are always so crowded.  

6.  Make it a movie night! You can make some popcorn and watch a favorite movie. This is great for when you have little ones, after they are settled in bed for the night. Also, with Red Box you can get the latest movies for less than $2, you can’t beat that! I also am able to get a lot of movies through our library and of course Netflix and Amazon Prime are full of great movies.

7. Have some special treats and a family game night. It will give you a chance to pull out some of the games you never get to play. Jason and I are having fun getting out some of our old games that we love and now being able to play them with our older kids has been so much fun!

8. A special (free) gift you could give your spouse is to do something for them that you know they hate doing. It could be any chore around the house or if there is something  you know they have been wanting to get to for a long time, you could get it done and surprise them.

9. Sit down and write a letter to your spouse and tell them how much they mean to you. You could even make a list of a bunch of memories you have together and read them and reminisce about old times over a bowl of ice cream.

10. I think the easiest and most special thing you could do for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day, is to just BE TOGETHER and tell each other, whether it’s your spouse or kids that you love them and you’d rather be there with them than anywhere in the world. We don’t tell the special people in our lives that we love them and appreciate them nearly often enough. One thing I’m learning is that life goes so fast and I want to make sure I don’t miss any opportunities to show my loved ones how I feel about them.


So there is a list for you of 10 ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank! I hope that I have given you some little bit of inspiration as the holiday is fast approaching us! It’s easy to get caught up in all the candy, flowers, etc. But remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate!

How do you and your family celebrate Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear! Please feel free to comment anytime!




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