Field Trip to Carolinas Aviation Museum

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Last Saturday we took a family field trip to the Carolinas Aviation Museum. We were specifically looking for World War 2 Airplanes because the boys have been doing a FIAR book that is WW2 time period and we’ve been working on that for a few weeks. They did not have any WW2 planes, but we had an awesome time anyway!

It was also great because we got in for free with our Culture & Heritage Museums membership (York County Museums & Brattonsville), it’s a Southeastern Reciprocal so make sure you check that out if you do have the membership!


This museum is right next to the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport and it’s well worth it if you love airplanes! It starts with the Wright Brothers and goes through the different stages of how airplanes have changed over the years. It is inside a huge hangar and has about 10-15 airplanes inside, including the actual plane from the US Airways Flight 1549 that had engine trouble and landed in the Hudson River. The entire plane sits in the middle of the museum as well as displays explaining what happened, it is very interesting and the kids were fascinated.

At the back of the museum, they have two cockpits that you can sit inside of so that was really neat for the kids (and Daddy!) Also, they take you outside to see a few larger airplanes up close as well as a few military airplanes. While you are outside you can see the runway of the Charlotte/Douglas Int’l Airport, as well as you can hear some of the talking going on between the control tower and pilots. We were able to see lots of planes taking off up close which was pretty cool.






What are your favorite places for school or family field trips? I’m always eager to hear about new places we can explore! Please feel free to comment!




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