The Big Green Pocketbook (B4FIAR)

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I just finished up a really fun two week study on the Before Five in a Row book, The Big Green Pocketbook with Princess. We had so much fun rowing this book! It’s always been one of my favorites and it is now one of her favorites also!



(Please note: This post contains lessons from the Before Five in a Row manual and activities added by me.)


The Big Green Pocketbook  is written by Candice F. Ransom and illustrated by Felicia Bond. It is a wonderful story about a little girl who goes on an adventure with her mother and collects all sorts of momentos that she puts in her green pocketbook to remember her fun times by.

We started out with reading the book and I gave her the big green pocketbook that I had made for her. She was very excited! (BTW, I just made this with felt, ribbon and hot glue, it was very simple and easy!)



When I first did this book with Popstar and Flash, I had made these little cards of all the things the little girl collected and so as we read through the story Princess added each card to her pocketbook. She really enjoyed doing this.



After we finished reading the story, I gave her a surprise of lollipops, just like the little girl in the book. She was ecstatic!



We worked on animal classification, there wasn’t very many animals in this story so it was a really short lesson!

On the second day, after reading the book I gave her another surprise. I had also gotten some of the orange slices candy like the little girl gets for her daddy in the story. She was excited, but when she tried them she didn’t like them! She gave them to her daddy when he got home from work. It was really sweet.



We worked on the lessons in the manual about Manners, Details, Literature (Storytelling) and Art. We talked about how the same lady that illustrated this book also did the book series by Laura Joffe Numeroff, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc. So we read some of those books also.



One day we went over the Shapes lesson and I had her do a shapes picture. I just cut out different shapes and had her glue them on and we talked about the names of the shapes while she was gluing them.



For shapes, we also got out some green play-doh and used our shape cookie cutters to make different shapes.



One of her favorite things we did was to build the town with blocks and then I got out our Little People School Bus and we acted out the story. This was so much fun!



On one of the days, I gave her a brand new box of crayons (the little girl in the story gets a new box of crayons) and we played a matching game with colors and crayons. I printed these cards out from the (free!) lapbook on HERE.




For the Bible lesson, we talked about Kindness and the Fruit of the Spirit. All of the people in the story were kind to the little girl and we talked about how we can show kindness to others.

In the story, the little girls gets to type her name on an old electric typewriter. I had gotten my brother’s old one and I was so excited, but when we turned it on it wasn’t working right! But at least I got to show her one and how it works. We ended up typing her name on the computer instead.



We worked on the lapbook from throughout the two weeks. It’s a really neat lapbook and it goes great with the book. You can find it free here: Big Green Pocketbook Lapbook.




Here are some of the books we read to go along with this study.



One book we loved that I didn’t get in this picture was The Lady With The Alligator Purse by Nadine Bernard Westcott. The kids loved this book and we read it over and over! It doesn’t have much to do with The Big Green Pocketbook, but the lady has a green purse and it’s hysterical.

So that finished up our time with The Big Green Pocketbook. I wish we’d been able to go for a real bus ride like in the story, but we don’t really have a bus system here where we live. Overall, it was great and both Princess and myself had so much fun with it. I don’t think we will ever forget all the fun we had and that’s one thing I love about Five in a Row. We’re making so many memories along with learning.




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