Homer Price, Chapter 3 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 3 in her Beyond Five in a Row book, Homer Price, for school back in October.  



(Please note: This post contains lessons from the FIAR manual, Beyond Volume 1)

Chapter 3 is called “The Doughnuts”. In this chapter, Homer ends up having a fiasco with a doughnut machine when he goes to visit his aunt who is working for the Red Cross. He also helps solve a mystery of a missing bracelet.

We spent 2 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and then did her Writing/Discussion Question in her notebook. These are just reading comprehension questions they have for each chapter. After that, she read over the Bible lesson and then we went over the Science lessons on New Technology (the doughnut machine was a new thing at the time of the story) and Economics, Supply & Demand.

After that we did the Fine Arts lesson on Cooking. No big surprise, we made doughnuts! We did not use the recipe in the FIAR manual because we have a doughnut maker and so we used a quicker recipe for that. They turned out really good and everyone enjoyed them!!






Day Two: We went over the Fine Arts lesson on Illustrating Movement. The artwork in this book is very good, Robert McCloskey was a wonderful illustrator and so it’s been fun to explore his work again. 

Next, we talked about the History/Geography lesson on The Red Cross. The lesson in the manual talks all about the history of The Red Cross and what they have done for people.

Last, we went over the History/Geography lesson on the Telephone. (Homer uses the telephone to call his uncle when the doughnut machine goes crazy) In the lesson we learned about how telephones used to work in the “old days” and it was fun telling her all about how telephones were so much different even when I was growing up compared to how things are now. It’s amazing how much things have changed.

When we finished going over the lesson, I got out our phone book and we explored it and I showed her how to look up someone’s phone number in it. It felt so strange to show her how to use the phone book, we are so dependent on Google and our cell phones storing everyone’s phone number. We almost don’t even have to think about phone numbers anymore.



So that finished up Chapter 3 for us. This put her halfway through the book, so 3 more chapters to go!




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