Homer Price, Chapter 2 (BYFIAR)

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Back in October, Popstar worked on Chapter 2 of her Beyond Five in a Row book for school. She’s been doing Homer Price by Robert McCloskey from Beyond, Volume 1.



(Please note: This post contains lessons from the FIAR manual, Beyond Volume 1 and activities added by me.)


We spent 3 school days on Chapter 2, “The Case of the Cosmic Comic”. In this chapter, Homer and his friend are excited about Comic Books and have an adventure with a real comic book character after seeing a movie about it.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we went over 2 Science lessons, one on the element Chromium and the other was about Horsepower and what that really means.

Day Two: Popstar read over the Bible lessons on putting our hope in God, not man and also how God meets all our needs. After that, we worked on the Vocabulary lesson. I had her pick 5 of the words and copy them down along with the definitions in her notebook.

Next we worked on the Fine Arts lesson, Cartooning. Since this story was about Comic Books, we got out a fun comic book that I had found at our library bookstore. Popstar loves comic books and has spent a lot of time reading her Dad’s collection of Garfield and The Far Side as well as a few others she gets from the library. We also looked at the funny pages from the Sunday newspaper. We went over the lesson and talked about how cartooning is actually art and communication.

This Mr. Potato Head cartoon book was really cool.



I found a website that allows you to build your own cartoon strip and Popstar had fun messing around with that. You can find it here: Make Beliefs Comix. When she was done, we were even able to print it out. It was pretty cool, but she did say the graphics selection was pretty limited.





Day Three: On the last day, we went over the Fine Arts lesson on Melodrama and what that means. We went over the Human Relations lesson on dealing with disillusionment and how we can use discernment in our own lives.

Last, we went over the Language lesson on Monogram. It was suggested in the manual to let them create a monogram with their initials. We decided to use a handkerchief and I got some fabric paint at the store. We got out some stencils and tried to put her initials on it. It turned out very pretty, we used blue and silver.




That finished up our time with Chapter 2. Moving onto Chapter 3 next!





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