Three Names (FIAR)

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In October, I spent a week rowing Three Names with the boys for school (Five in a Row). 



(Please note: This post contains lessons from the FIAR manual, Volume 2)


Three Names  is written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Alexander Pertzoff. It is a neat story of a great-grandfather telling stories of his boyhood on the prairie long ago.

We started by reading the book and placing our story disk. We chose to place the disk on South Dakota. The book doesn’t give us the exact state where the story takes place, but we chose this because that is one place where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived on the Prairie.



After placing the story disk, we went over the Social Studies lessons on Prairie Life and One Room School Houses. We have done so many studies with Prairie Life and that time period, that I just briefly went over the lessons and then we looked at some good  books about Prairie Life for a refresher. (We spent an entire school  year studying the Little House books using the Prairie Primer)

Here are some of the books we looked at:



Another day, we went over some of the Language lessons. We talked about Interesting Titles, Vocabulary, Similes, and Hyperbole. We also went over some of the Bible Lessons.

We looked at a few of the Art lessons the next day. Shadows and Light Source as well as Interpreting a Painting. We looked through the book and found all the shadows and where the light was coming from also talked about all the details in the pictures and which was our favorite.

For the Math lessons, we went over Perspective in Measurement. We talked about  how long a foot and yard are. I got out the yardstick and we lined up rulers to see how many feet are in a yard. They liked that.




After that, we went over the Math Lesson on Ordinal Numbers. We decided to make a list of all the cousins in our family and listed them in order of birth. This was great practice for ordinal numbers!



For Bible, we talked about Storytelling in the Bible and how Jesus taught in Parables.

Last, for Science we read over the lesson on Fraternal Twins and the lesson on Wells & Well Water. There are lots of twins in our family, so that was fun to talk about and we looked up how wells work on the internet and learned a little about well water. We have city water and so we talked about how the two are different.


So that ended our time with Three Names. I think the boys enjoyed this one and learned a lot. I always enjoy doing school with the Prairie Life theme, I just love history in general but that time period is so much fun. They will be moving onto more Five in a Row books after the holidays in January.




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