Homer Price, Chapter 1 (BYFIAR)

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In September Popstar started her second Beyond Five in a Row book from Volume 1. She started Homer Price by Robert McCloskey.




Chapter 1 is called “The Case of the Sensational Scent”. The chapters in this book are pretty long, at least compared to her last book, The Boxcar Children. A lot of different things happen to a young  boy named Homer in this chapter. We read that his parents own a Tourist Camp, he has an old radio (we know the story takes place at least several decades ago). We read that he rides his bike into town and witnesses a burglary. Later, Homer is out fishing with his pet skunk and ends up running into the burglars. He somehow captures them and turns them into the police.

We spent 4 school days on this chapter:

Day One: Popstar started with reading the chapter and answering the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we went over the Language Lesson on Different Fictional Story Formats. We talked about how this story is laid out differently than her last Beyond book, The Boxcar Children. In Homer Price, each chapter is it’s own complete story but The Boxcar Children had each chapter lead into the next one.

We also went over the Fine Arts lesson on one of the pictures in the book, how it looks like something isn’t right and how that happens sometimes when people are writing books and stories.

Day Two: Popstar read over the Bible lesson which was about stealing and how much it hurts people. After that, we went over the History/Geography lesson on the “Famous Homer”  and talked about the old greek writer Homer.

Day Three: We read over the History/Geography lessons on Highways and Motels/Tourist Camps. We looked some up on the internet and Popstar drew her own idea of what a Tourist Camp would be like.



Day Four: We worked on the History/Geography lesson on early Radio and TV. We couldn’t talk about this subject, without mentioning I Love Lucy! We looked at one of our favorite books about the show and added the start of this show to our Timeline Notebook. We also listened to some of Lucy’s radio show, My Favorite Husband and talked about how Radio shows were compared to TV shows. I’ve always loved Lucy and have enjoyed passing along a love for Lucy to my children. We have spent many happy hours laughing with Lucy at our house!  What a gift Lucille Ball left to all of us of laughter.



The last lesson for chapter 1 that we went over was a Human Relations one on understanding parents. In the chapter, Homer’s mother shows that she understood Homer needed time alone and she respected that. We talked about how when our parents understand us, or at least try to it can make such a difference in our lives and how important that is. I think that lesson was more for me!


So that ended our activities for Chapter 1. There was a little more that I had originally planned on doing, but sometimes things don’t always work out and we’re pretty flexible! We still had fun and learned a lot.




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