If Jesus Came To My House (B4FIAR)

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Back in October, I rowed the Before Five in a Row book “If Jesus Came To My House” with Princess. We only spent one week on this book, I typically like to spend two weeks but it all worked out ok and Princess loved this book and our activities so much!



(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


If Jesus Came To My House  by Joan Gale Thomas is about a little boy who is imagining that Jesus came to visit him at his house in the form a little boy just his age. He talks about how he would give Jesus the best of everything, showing how to be a good host and caring for others.


The first day, we read the book and went over the Bible lessons about the Golden Rule and hospitality. We also talked about the lesson on Fears. We talked about how it’s ok to be afraid and to remember that God is with us no matter where we are. I have taught my kids a little song to sing whenever they are scared:

Who’s in the middle of the dark? God is

Who’s in the middle of the dark? God is

Who’s in the middle of the dark? God is

I’m not afraid for God is in the dark.

Extra verses….Who’s in the middle of the storm? and Who’s in the middle of my heart?


Another day, we went over the lessons on Hospitality and Music. We talked about all the things we need to remember when we have a friend over and showing our manners. We also talked about how songs can cheer you up and make you forget your fears.

The last day, we did the lessons on Shadows. We read a book about what shadows are and we had fun making shadow puppets and watching how our shadow changes in different lights and angles. We also read the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called “I Have a Little Shadow.”


Here are some go-along books we used about shadows:


Through the week, we worked on a (free!) lapbook from Homeschoolshare.





So that was our week with If Jesus Came To My House. We kept it very simple and mostly just read the story and worked on the lessons in the manual. Another reason why I love Five in a Row. It doesn’t have to be complicated and take forever to prepare, all you really need is the manual and storybook!

That was Princess’s last Before Five in a Row book until after the holidays. Check back in January to see what she’s up to!





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