From the Diary of a Homeschool Mom: When Life Gets Crazy

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Hi everyone! It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. We’ve had a rough 6 weeks and some things that we’ve had to work on have kept me from working on the blog on a regular basis. I’m hoping that we’re now past all of that and I can focus more on homeschool and blogging!

I posted awhile ago about my sister and her family moving. They had been renting our old house that we moved out of about a year and a half ago. When they moved out, we had so much work to do on the house. It was more than just the normal wear and tear of a family moving out. We found out the bathroom floor was almost completely rotted and covered in mold. So on top of all the other jobs like painting and cleaning up, we had to totally gut and remodel the entire bathroom. I hope to post later about all of that, it was truly amazing how it all worked out and we somehow got it all done.

It was not even an option for us to take very long getting all the work done so new renters could move in, we had to work fast which meant every possible waking moment was spent working on it. Our kids can tell you…they were so sick of it! We all were, but it’s done and our new renters have moved in! Praise God!

On top of that, we have been working hard at our craft side business and had two big events last weekend and this weekend. So after working on the house every evening, we would come home and make crafts to sell until about midnight every night. Somehow we made it through and now we feel like we can relax a little and enjoy the holidays more!

So because of all this going on, I was not able to finish my 25 Days of Thanksgiving. I’m planning on finishing it even though Thanksgiving is now over. I will have each day listed in the Homeschool drop down, in case your interested. Also, most likely we won’t be finishing the Celebrate Christmas in Colonial America study this year. I really put a lot of time into planning that and I feel like I don’t want to rush through it just to get it done. I am planning on saving it for us to do next year. We had actually gotten through the first 3 days, but we will just redo them next year.

Anyway, I just wanted to give that little update and let you know that I have truly missed being able to work on the blog daily. I’m looking forward to getting back to that and our homeschooling now!!



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