Angus Lost (B4FIAR)

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I spent the first week of October rowing Angus Lost with Princess for her Before Five in a Row schoolwork. I love this book. I wish I’d have had more time to spend on it, but things didn’t work out that way. I didn’t get to every single activity that I wrote down and wanted to do, but that is the beauty of Five in a Row. It’s ok that I didn’t get it all done. She had a blast with what we did and so did I!





We started off with reading the book. Angus Lost   by Marjorie Flack is a story about a little dog who is tired of the same old things and so he runs away. He gets lost and hides out in a cave overnight then finds his way home by following the milk man from house to house until he gets home. Once he’s home, he’s content again!

One of the first things we did was to look for all the animals in the book. We used our animal cards and talked about what kind of animals they are. She always loves finding the animals in books!




Next, we went over the Bible lesson which was about how God is with us wherever we go. Then we talked about Curiosity and what to do when we get lost. With preschoolers, it’s great to repeat this lesson over and over.

On another day, we talked about milk since Angus followed the milk man. We talked about how things have changed since then about buying  milk! We used this book to learn about where milk comes from. The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons is a great resource book that I have used many times over the years in homeschooling.




We went over a few of the Language lessons, Sayings & Possessives. We talked about different sayings like “Curiosity killed the cat” and talked about how that was Angus’s house and this is our house, etc. Then we went over some Art lessons. This book was illustrated with limited colors and I asked Princess if she wished they had used more colors and she said yes! We talked about shapes we saw in the pictures and action shown. We acted out some of the actions in the book that Angus did. We also talked about Silhouettes because in one page you can only see the shadow of things.

The last thing we went over was the Dogs and Dog Safety lesson. We talked about the different kinds of breeds of dogs and how we should treat dogs. My kids have been around dogs a good bit growing up, so this was mostly a reminder. We used this book to see pictures of different breeds of dogs and talked about what dogs need. This book isn’t great for preschool to read, but the pictures of the different breeds of dogs are excellent.




Here are a few other go-along books we used during our week with Angus.






We also made the Angus Lost Lapbook from  (For the cover, I googled Angus Lost and found this cute coloring page. I let Princess color it.)






So that was our week with Angus Lost. I hope you enjoyed seeing how we spent our time. Please feel free to comment or ask questions! Also, if you would like to received my weekly newsletter make sure to sign up on the right side of the blog. I try to publish at least one Five in a Row post each week, if you are interested in following along with us on our FIAR studies.





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