Our 20th Anniversary Vacation in Florida

Jason and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week! We were able to spend 3 nights (alone!) in Treasure Island, Florida which is near St. Petersburg. We had such a wonderful time, it was really hard to come back home! We ended up leaving on the tail end of Hurricane Matthew as it was passing by Florida. We were heading over to the western side of the state and so we weren’t really affected by the hurricane, but we did have to take the long way down through Atlanta to avoid the roads being shut down. By the time we came home, the roads were fine.




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Taking a little vacation!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am taking about a week off from the blog beginning tomorrow (Saturday, October 8). My  hubby and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and we are going on a short trip for a few days. We’re definitely looking forward to the time away AND alone! It doesn’t happen for us very often and so I’m very excited!

See you all in a week, I’m sure I will have lots to tell about our adventures!



Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup Recipe

Hi everyone! I have a brand new recipe for you today! Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup. I’m very excited about this one because it is my very own recipe. I always try to think of ways I can use things that we already have to make meals with, just to try and save money for our family. So I had a bunch of potatoes that needed to be used, as well as some cans of cream of potato soup that were going to expire soon. So I started thinking of potato recipes and started looking around in my cookbooks. I ended up creating my own recipe. In addition to the potatoes, I had some process cheese ( I had used some of it for macaroni & cheese) and some half & half. So I went ahead about bought a piece of ham steak at Aldi and here’s what I came up with:




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The Boxcar Children, Chapter 10 (BYFIAR)

A few weeks ago, Popstar finished up Chapter 10 of The Boxcar Children for Beyond Five in a Row for school. This was a fun chapter! Chapter 10 is called “Henry and the Free for All”. Henry ends up being in a race and wins a $25 prize. He comes home excited and tells the other children all about it while they have a dinner of baked potatoes that Henry brought home.

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

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Fall Leaf Coffee Filter Art

This past Thursday morning we were having a rough time around our house. It seemed like everyone was grumpy and not getting along very well. Does that ever happen at your house? We were just getting ready to sit down and start school and I was tired of all the grumpiness so I decided to start our school day with a fun art project, instead of saving it for last. And boy did it make a big difference in all the attitudes! They had a blast and afterward, everyone was in a great mood and we got all our schoolwork done before noon! It’s amazing how a little relaxing art & creativity can change the atmosphere.

We made Fall Leaf Coffee Filters and it was so much fun! (By the way, that red spot on Hulk’s arm is paint!)




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