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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a brand new series I’m starting for the month of November. I’m very excited about this series and I’m calling it “25 Days of Thanksgiving”. It’s my goal to post each day about a different topic related to Thanksgiving. I plan to include links to many ideas for activities, crafts, games, recipes, etc. that you may use with your children to reinforce the special meanings of Thanksgiving and all the symbols and wonderful things that we think of when we hear the word Thanksgiving.

I’m hoping this will be a great resource that you can refer to over the years whenever you are planning out your Thanksgiving homeschool time. This can also be for any families who do not homeschool, but are looking for fun activities for the kids during November. Please pass this along if you know of anyone who may be interested! Also, if you haven’t already please join my email newsletter list to receive updates from the blog!

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this new series that I’ve been working hard on!



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