Katy No-Pocket (B4FIAR)

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In September, Princess and I spent 2 weeks on the Before Five in a Row book, Katy No-Pocket for school. I LOVE this book and we had so much fun with it!



(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne is a really sweet story of a mama kangaroo who has no pocket for her baby to ride in. She is so upset and doesn’t know what to do, so she goes around to different animals asking them how they carry their babies. She tries it their way, but it doesn’t work for her. So she goes to the owl and he tells her to go to the city. She ends up finding a man who is wearing an apron that is full of pockets. He gives her the apron and she is able to put her baby in it as well as a bunch of other animals and she is very happy!

We started out by reading the book and the first lesson we covered was the Science lesson on animals. This was a lot of fun because there are so many animals in this story. We used some animal cards that I had printed out off of the Fold N’ Learn from the Five in a Row website. You can get those for free if you go to the website and sign up HERE.

I actually used two different animal sets, one of them I printed for free off of www.homeschoolshare.com, but I am not sure if it is still available on that website. I wasn’t able to find it when I checked.

I had Princess hold the cards and tell me when we came to one of the animals on the cards. She had a lot of fun with that.

img_5575 img_5577


We talked about mothers and how they all take care for their babies. To go with this lesson, I had found a free printable kangaroo mommy and baby play set. I found it through Pinterest HERE on a blog called “Mother Natured.” I cut out the pieces and used a box from the recycle bin that had a flap she could open and close. Princess had so much fun playing with this. She pretended that they were Katy and her baby Freddy.




We talked about where kangaroos live and found Australia on the map. Then we talked about what kind of habitat the kangaroos live in compared with when Katy went to the city and how things are different there and what life is like in the city.



We tried to remember all of the animals in the story and we counted all of them. We used the alphabet cards that were included in the Fold ‘N Learn to work on our ABC’s.




We also talked about the old owl who lives in the tree and how some animals make their homes in dead trees. I got this book from the library and we had fun just looking at the pictures. It was much too long to read the entire book, but it went very well with the lesson because there are some real pictures of owls in trees.



The Bible lesson was on being generous and willing to share, like the man with the apron did with Katy. Also for character, we talked about how Katy showed gratitude to the man by saying Thank You for the apron.

I printed out on cardstock a coloring page of a kangaroo and a koala for her to paint using q-tips. I’m not sure which website I found this particular coloring page on, but she loved this activity!


img_4972  img_4974


We read a lot of storybooks about kangaroos from the library as well as a few that I’ve collected over the years.






We also looked at some books to learn about “real” kangaroos and other baby animals. These were great resources.




We worked on a (free) lapbook from homeschoolshare.




So that was about all for our time with Katy No-Pocket. I had a few other things that I really wanted to do, like make her an apron, but I just ran out of time! Oh well…This book was a lot of fun because there are so many things you can do with it. I think I had more fun than she did!




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  1. I loved Katy No-Pocket when I was little and I completely forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me :) I'll have to read it to my little ladybug. And love all the awesome ideas for expanding the kangaroo idea!

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