Truman’s Aunt Farm (FIAR)

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I finished up Truman’s Aunt Farm for Five in a Row for school with the boys just a few weeks ago! (I apologize in advance, this first picture is a little blurry. I didn’t realize it turned out that way, usually I take a few to make sure I get a good one but I guess I was in a hurry that day!)



(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Truman’s Aunt Farm by Jama Kim Rattigan is a really neat book. The book is a play on Homonyms even in the title, because it should be “Ant” Farm, not “Aunt” Farm. Here is the description from Amazon about this book: When Truman sends away for an ant farm and aunts begin arriving at his doorstep instead, he takes the situation in hand by creating a farm that trains aunts.

We typically spend two weeks on each FIAR book that we row, but we ended up shortening this one to one week. It didn’t seem very rushed as I thought it might and we did have a lot of fun with it. We started out by reading the book and placing our story disk. There is no exact location mentioned in the story, so the boys wanted to place it exactly in the center of the USA.




Since there was no geography, our Social Studies lessons focused on Relationships. We talked about what Aunts are and talked about the Aunts in our family. We also talked about how Truman took such good care of all the Aunts that came to his house and all of the positive character traits that Truman shows. This was also part of the Bible lesson on The Golden Rule, taking care of others.

For Language, we learned about Homonyms and what they are. We learned about Perspective, this book is told from the perspective of a young boy. We also learned about Repetition and how it works in a story. The last Language lesson was to make a list of activities that the Aunts did. This one was fun, they always love making lists.




Last, for Science we learned about Ants of course! I had a few books from the Library about Ants and we read those.




Then we did a fun experiment with Ants. I wasn’t sure if I should buy an actual Ant Farm and so I asked on the FIAR Facebook page for suggestions. One lady gave me a wonderful idea and we decided to try it instead. We set up an “Ant Restaurant”. I gave them each a small paper plate and told them to choose 3 different foods they thought ants would like to eat. We put a little of each food on the plate and went outside and set them in a place where we thought there would be lots of ant traffic and that we could watch them. The boys had SO much fun with this! All day long the boys were in and out watching what the ants were doing with the food we put out. We found that the ants liked the sugar the best! (No big surprise there!)


img_4922  img_4921






That was about it for Truman’s Aunt Farm! The boys are moving onto another Five in a Row book next: Down Down The Mountain. Be sure to sign up for my weekly emails if you want to see more of our FIAR Fun!





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