The Boxcar Children, Chapter 10 (BYFIAR)

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A few weeks ago, Popstar finished up Chapter 10 of The Boxcar Children for Beyond Five in a Row for school. This was a fun chapter! Chapter 10 is called “Henry and the Free for All”. Henry ends up being in a race and wins a $25 prize. He comes home excited and tells the other children all about it while they have a dinner of baked potatoes that Henry brought home.

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Day One: Popstar started by reading the chapter and answering the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we went over the History/Geography Lesson on Mills & the Industrial Revolution. We also talked about the Human Relationships lesson on Problem Solving with Inventions. The lesson was basically about being creative when we don’t have all the supplies we need, to just create what we need.

Day Two: We focused on Potatoes. We learned about the history of potatoes, what they are and how they are grown and we even learned about the great potato famine in Ireland back in the 1800’s. We added this event to our Timeline Notebook.




We did some cooking with Potatoes, Popstar made a baked potato for lunch. She loves to call this her “Potato Salad”. She just takes the cooked potato out of the peel and adds butter, salt, cheese & sour cream.


img_4717  img_4718


After that, we did some Potato art. We made potato prints, according to the Fine Arts lesson in the manual. It was really neat. I tried to cut out a heart, but I’m not sure if I did it exactly right. It was fun regardless and Princess enjoyed doing some prints with her as well!


img_4723  img_4725




Day Three: We went over the History/Geography Lessons on Philanthropy and Marathons/Footraces. We talked about how the children’s grandfather was a very rich man and how a lot of rich people donate a good amount of their money to charities. Also we talked about the history of marathons & races including the Olympics in Greece. We were going to have a “race” around our neighborhood, but we just seemed to run out of time. The Bible lesson for this chapter was about how our lives as Christians are like a race and we know our eternal prize is Heaven if we live our life for God and glorify Him in all that we do.

The last lesson we covered was the Fine Arts lesson on Charcoal Drawing. In the book, the children use a “charred” stick to draw and so we got out our charcoal and did some drawing.





So that finished up Chapter 10 of The Boxcar Children for us. Moving onto Chapter 11!




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