Apples Apples Apples!!!! (Preschool)

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I LOVE apple season! And since we visited an apple orchard in the mountains over Labor Day Weekend, I decided to spend some time with Princess (for Preschool)  just having fun with apples. We ended up spending about two weeks on this theme for school. She and I both had a blast!





We read tons of books about apples. Some from the library and some from our own collection.








We did some fun Apple Science, we investigated the apple:

  1. We looked at it with a microscope (because everything is way more fun when you use a microscope!).
  2. We checked to see if it would sink or float when we dropped it in water (it floated!).
  3. We used our five senses to explore the apple.
  4. We cut it open and looked at the insides (we found the star!).
  5. We looked at all the parts of an apple and talked about them.
  6. We had a very short lesson on fractions while cutting it up.
  7. And we ended with making apple prints (that was so fun!).








One day we made a neat apple yarn craft. I cut out an apple shape from a piece of cardboard. Then I cut off some yarn, I had green and so that’s what we used since some apples are green. I taped the end of the yarn to the cardboard and we worked together to wrap it around to cover up the cardboard. It was a pretty cool little craft, but I did have to help her a lot more than I expected to.


img_4862  img_4861


We did a Johnny Appleseed coloring page after reading a book about him. Then I played a Johnny Appleseed video for her from our collection Shelly Duvall’s Tall Tales and Legends. She got a little bored with that after awhile and didn’t end up finishing it, but this is a great collection and the boys especially love them.

I picked up this book Finger Frolics at a library booksale years ago and I got it out and we did all the little songs and rhymes about apples. This is a really neat book and she loves it!








Also, one day we made a paper plate apple mosaic craft. I just gave her a small paper plate and cut out little pieces of red, green and yellow construction paper and she glued them on. Another fun activity I did was to cut out an apple shape from red construction paper and I wrote her name across it. Then I drew some faint lines straight up and down spaced about an inch apart and let her cut on the lines. It created a puzzle with her name that she can put together.


img_4850 img_4849


I found a neat little free printable booklet called Apple Count & Color and she had a lot of fun doing that. I tried to find it again so I could link it here, but I wasn’t able to figure out where I had originally found it!




All through the two weeks we did our Apple theme, we worked on making an Apple Lapbook. I started with a red file folder and cut out the shape of a tree and glued it on the front. Then I had her finger paint apples onto the tree. That was a lot of fun!




Then, I just searched through the internet for different free apple printable items to put in the lapbook. This did take a little bit of time, but I ended up with enough to fill her lapbook. We included the Apple Count & Color book that I mentioned above along with Parts of an apple, The Seasons of an Apple Tree, Apple Sequence/Life Cycle of the apple, a little Aa Book and I had her add some apple stickers and her paper plate mosaic art from earlier. It’s nothing fancy, but we love how it turned out!






So that just about finished up our two weeks on Apples! It really was a lot of fun and I’m glad I took the time to just have fun with apples. I really love Preschool…in another world I think I could’ve been a Preschool teacher…anyway.  Princess is moving on to her next Before Five in a Row book, Katy No-Pocket next!





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