Books I’m Reading This Fall

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I’ve picked two new books to try and read this fall. We’ll see if I get through them…I thought I would share with you.





The first one is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. I’ve been wanting to read this book for years and finally picked up a copy at a library book sale last year. This book’s theme is basically, what if God designed marriage to make us holy rather than just happy? We go through life thinking we should always be happy in our marriage, but everyone knows that hard times come and we begin to question if we’re really happy or not. Instead, what if we focus more on drawing closer to God and allowing Him to make us happy? I’m just beginning to read this book, so that whole idea could be off, but from what I’ve heard and read about this book over the years that is the main idea.

The second book is actually the first in the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. I read the first few books of this series several years ago but never finished. Now I’ve been able to buy the entire series through the library book sales and am looking forward to reading it through from beginning to end! The first book in the series is At Home In Mitford. It is about a Priest who lives in a small mountain town and just about his daily adventures and all the interesting people who live there. I’m looking forward to reading the entire series, although I’m expecting it to take me quite a while to finish!

I used to love getting books from the library, but recently life has just been so busy that I never finish the books before I need to return them. So being able to own them and not have a due date to finish by helps me relax and enjoy the books so much more!

How about you? What books are you reading this fall? Please comment, I’d love to hear about what you’re reading!





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2 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading This Fall

  1. I am reading David McCullough's award-winning biograpahy of John Adams. It is very well-written thus far. I have Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's production of "At Home in Mitford". I would say that overall I enjoyed it (Dean Jones plays the voice of the priest) though I found that some of the twists and turns in the climax to the mystery slowed the pace of the production down and I'm still not sure that the mystery was really necessary to the plot.
  2. Sacred Marriage is an awesome book. We read it together before getting married. It definitely helped my perspective and expectation. At the moment, I am reading Henle Latin Book 2 - not super exciting. However, Consequences of Ideas by RC Sproul is a fabulous book on philosophy over the years. I have read it many times and I enjoy it more each time.

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