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This past week we ended up scrapping school on Thursday and spent the morning visiting my mom who was on vacation from work. It was a normal morning and we were getting ready to start school and I just wasn’t “feeling it” that morning. So I asked the kids how would they like to just skip school and go spend some time with their Meme. Of course they were all for it!

So we took off the day from school and I felt great about it. We had a nice visit with my mom for a few hours and then came home around lunchtime. The kids were so relaxed the rest of the day and honestly so was I! There was a time when I would’ve mentally beaten myself up over doing something like that, but I’ve finally gotten to the point in my homeschooling career that I felt really good about my decision.

It just made me happy that I’ve come so far in this homeschool journey and that I know things will work out even on days when we’re just not “feeling it”. I want to encourage you homeschool moms that we can take a day off once in awhile when we need a recharge and it’s OK to do that! No, my kids did not do any schoolwork that day, but yes they did LEARN a lot! Kids are learning constantly, whether we’re sitting down doing book work or not.

Homeschooling is a lot of hard work, but we don’t have do be hard on ourselves. Some days we just need to go with the flow. That is a lesson that has taken me years to learn. 




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