Harry The Dirty Dog (Preschool)

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At the end of August, I spent a week doing a really fun (free!) study with Princess on the book Harry The Dirty Dog by Gene Zion. I found it HERE  on one of my favorite homeschool websites, homeschoolshare. We really had a lot of fun with this one. We love the series of books about Harry!





Harry The Dirty Dog is about a little dog named Harry who doesn’t like getting a bath. So when he hears the water running in the tub, he takes the scrubbing brush and buries it in the backyard and then he runs away. He has all kinds of dirty adventures and ends up getting covered in dirt and mud so that he doesn’t even look like himself anymore. Then he begins to get homesick and he runs home but his family doesn’t know it’s him. So he goes and digs up the scrubbing brush and the children give him a bath and they finally realize after he’s clean that it is Harry.

We started with the lessons on Pets and Taking Care of Pets. There were some neat items to make a lapbook with, so we worked on those and built the lapbook through the week. We talked about the difference between Domestic and Wild animals. We also talked about how Harry made a bad choice to run away and led to talking about staying safe and what we should do if we get lost. This is always a good lesson to repeat with preschoolers.

One day we did the Memory lesson and Story Sequencing. We made a list of all the places where Harry got dirty at and tried to remember the order of the story. Then we went over some new vocabulary words. These were all action words and so we acted out all of the things that Harry did in the story. She always loves acting out stories.

For Art, we talked about how the story is only illustrated in a few colors: black, white, green and yellow. She said she wished there was pink and purple in the pictures!

We read all the other Harry books in the series as well as some other books about dogs.




We played a fun game that was included for the lapbook, Hide the scrub brush. We took turns hiding them around the house. There was a fun math activity included that she enjoyed. We wrote a number in the box and she was to draw that number of spots on the dog. I put the page in a sheet protector so she could use a dry erase marker and we could do it over and over.




I had also planned on a few other activities like making bubbles and playing with dirt, but we ran out of time…that happens a lot when you have 4 kids to homeschool!


Here is the lapbook we made:






By the way, the picture on the cover of our lapbook was from Supercoloring.com. This website has tons of free coloring pages that I love!


Here are a few books that we read along with Harry.




So that was about it for our week with Harry The Dirty Dog. She will be having fun for the next two weeks on Apples, since we visited an Apple Orchard!




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