The Compassion Experience

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Yesterday we went to an event at a local church that was held by the organization Compassion. It was called The Compassion Experience. This is a traveling event that is going to lots of different churches all over right now. Through Compassion, you can sponsor a child and help provide them with food, clean water, schooling, medical attention and more survival items, depending on the need and what is going on in their country.

They set up a portable building and inside the building, you get to walk through a guided tour using headphones and ipods for each person. Then you walk through and it tells you the story of one child who was sponsored by a family through Compassion. It tells you all about what their life was like and how Compassion helped them to basically survive and become a successful adult. The stories were very moving and they had little rooms set up to look like what was going on in the child’s life. There was a little section made to look like a market, a church, a bedroom and things like that.

I believe the main reason for them doing this was to try and get more people to sign up and become a sponsor to a child. This was a really great program for us. My kids love to hear about other children around the world and they were completely enchanted by the whole experience. In fact, when you first get there they tell you to choose one child’s story (there are 2 to pick from) and after we finished the first one, the kids insisted that we also do the second child’s story!

Jason and I have been child sponsors through World Vision for over 20 years. Our first sponsor child was 12 when we first began and after she turned 25, she was finished with the program and they assigned a new child to us. It has been such a huge blessing to us knowing that we have made a big difference in someone’s life even though we never were able to meet her in person. Both of our sponsor children are in Bangladesh and we’ve been able to write and receive letters from them over the years. It always brings me joy to hear from them. I would encourage anyone to adopt a child through World Vision or Compassion. It will truly bless your heart.














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